Saunders Street Planned Development - Five Horizons (Saunders/Lake Wheeler)


The building code definition of a high rise is any building with an occupied floor over 75 feet above the lowest level of fire department access. Not very tall is it? But, I hate 10 story buildings being called towers. They’re not really towering over anything.


Exactly. Those that work in the industry consider 75 feet+ (about 7 floors and up) to be high rise due to buildings of this height being classified as such by fire code. Colloquially, it’s a different issue.


According to the TBJ, the developer of the project (Five Horizons) just closed on another ~acre of land. They paid $1.7m for it, and now own 3.75 acres.


Today’s TBJ has a article on Five Horizons Project on S. Sanders St . I am not a subscriber & can not read but a small part of the article ! The article states that several 20 story towers may come in the future !

Expansion without Apple or Amazon

I would really love to see Apple go there.


so they still need to purchase the other 5+ acres? How do they request a zoning change if they don’t own the land?


Great question. And I am only guessing, but I assume they have buy-in from all owners that the zoning change is a good thing for all values.

It’s also possible (really guessing here) that they’ve got options or good faith agreements on the other parcels.

I hope they can pull it all off!


Hopefully the Apple rumors don’t drive up the prices for them


Most likely, the sale of the other properties is conditional upon a successful rezoning change. My family sold some property this way; it was only after the rezoning passed that the sale was finalized. I’m sure 5 Horizons has agreements with all the other property owners if they’re going after this.


That’s exactly what they have done: It’s a conditional purchase contract; conditional on the rezoning


Maybe this is where Advanced Auto is moving?


Kane is doing this with the property on Cabarrus, too. They don’t own the land yet, but they’re requesting rezoning.


I’m sure they have it under contract


Five Horizons plans to give a presentation about this project at the Southwest CAC meeting this coming Monday, Dec 10. I’m tentatively planning to go.


I’ll be there and can provide an update if you aren’t able to make it.


Cool. Maybe we can meet up.


I’ll keep an eye out for ya.


Leo - the SWCAC meeting scheduled for tonight has been cancelled. Our next meeting will be in January. Not sure yet about the agenda.


oh yeah, makes sense.


Corey Mason, Five Horizons, and Sarah Ellis, City Planning, are scheduled to be at the SWCAC meeting Monday 1/14, 7pm Carolina Pines Community Center. They will discuss the S. Saunders and S. Dawson rezoning case number Z-32-18.

I’m planning to be there.