Smoky Hollow Phases 1, 2, and 3

I’ve been trying to guess at that too. I feel like they probably have another week or two to finish the beams. Probably another bit to do more of that fire retardant concrete fluff. I’d think by the end of the year we should see the sides go up. But I’m just guessing.

Also thinking about Two Hillsborough. If they get the foundations done this week or next, hopefully beams start in December. Thank God for webcams…

Here’s your close-up, and I still can’t figure out what it is. :sweat_smile:
I’m sure it will look cool on a larger scale.

More pics to come. Feel free to post in any of the threads if you have requests. I’ll keep an eye out while I’m out this morning.


Not sure what to think of that, if the whole thing is covered in this, I think would make me dizzy. First reaction is result of 1nd grade art class. Then 2nd cousin to the “CellPhone” art tower on Downtown blvd. Maybe will look better with time.

Looks like a photo of some sort of paper product rolled very tightly


Maybe they will be unrolled to expose a really nice mural. I also though of rolls of carpet.


Looks like a bad hurricane season to me.


Makes me think of Van Gogh.

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Looks like the wood/wicker kind of display at Iris, the cafe at the NC Art Museum

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Additional shots from yesterday’s flights.

Mystery Cube at top of parking garage. It hasn’t evolved much the last few months.

Pull back looking at Capital, Johnson, Harrington

Phase 2 parking deck

Harrington corridor

Overhead and down the gully of “The Hollow”

Some more contruction, facing West St and Glenwood South


Definitely gonna ask about that mystery cube on Thursday when they have their tour.


great pictures over the weekend :checkered_flag::+1: How many times did you have to recharge drone for all those flights.

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If only there were some pipes here for plumbing, this could end up being Raleigh’s hottest new bar.



I went through all 3 batteries on the Mavic Pro. I try to get multiple projects from each launch vs moving around 10 times.


Phase II height looks incomplete to me. My opinion… should at least be a few more floors. But at least this way all the west condo people that complained about height get to look at roof tops and ac units.

“We” get a wall. No rooftop. Higher floors will get the rooftops.

And for the record, we (my wife and I) never complained, we just want a large projector so we can have a Superbowl party on our side. :slight_smile:

Better view of our wall from the side. The dot is our balcony.


I don’t remember hearing about complaints about height of Smoky Hollow. Maybe you’re thinking of Paramount and Peace St proposals?

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Awesome pics … as we have come to expect from @OakCityDylan.


My tour is tomorrow afternoon.


Don’t spoil the surprise for me! Lol. I picked Thursday because it was a free night for me

I think many of the folks at the West are going Thursday. I promise not to ask about the empty cage that will probably hold the compressors for the Publix freezers and coolers.