Strong Towns Event 3/30

Dear DTRaleigh enthusiasts.

Some of you may know this already, but I wanted to extend a formal invitation.
I am organizing a speaker series via the Home Builders Association this year, and the first event features one of my heroes, Chuck Marohn, the founder of Strong Towns as the keynote speaker. This will be a breakfast and presentation on March 30th at Brier Creek Country Club. The venue was chosen as a central point for the Triangle, and with tongue-in-cheek irony.

We are currently looking for sponsor organizations that would like to align with the HBA on this mission to bring the ST message to the Triangle. If your firm, or someone you know is interested, please reach out to me:

The registration page is live here: Housing & Development Summit 2023 - Mar 30, 2023

Leo, if this needs to go under a different topic that is cool with me, or leave it and put an expiration date on it?


Saw this was happening and didn’t realize you were working behind the scenes on it! I definitely hope to go if I’m able to escape the office for a bit.


Thanks Christopher, it’s been an interesting planning process but ultimately I’m super excited about bringing Chuck here to speak.

I should note, there will be a walking tour the night before the event with Chuck most likely in Durham to look first hand at auto-centric development and how it destroys community and neighborhood cohesion, financial productivity.

This will be available for sponsors to attend, and will be a casual session with Chuck and other sponsors.

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I totally applaud that you are organizing this, but it’s not lost on me that this is being held in an auto-centric development itself. You hardly need to go elsewhere for the tour.

Yeah I know. I really wanted Carolina Theater or something inspiring, but the winning combination was:

  1. Turnkey service and not needing to bring in 3rd party caterers, AV, etc.
  2. Capacity (150-250)
  3. Price, largely dictated by #1
  4. Central location in order to pull from all corners of the Triangle

I hope it sells out. Good luck to you and the planning team!


We meet tomorrow as a committee to finalize the walking tour. We are considering Northgate Mall in Durham and the adjacent Trinity Park (pre WW2) neighborhood. There is an interesting pocket neighborhood of ~2k sf, 2 BR SFHs with a shared drive, replacing 1 large lot SFH. This development was allowed via new zoning rules in Durham, but NCDOT is still not happy with the driveway entrance being so close to a state Rd. Intersection. Chuck will have a good analysis of that project, and rip apart Northgate Mall.


Which guy / podcast is this? There have been a few city planning type posted over the time on this site. Just trying to place it in my head. Thanks

Charles Marohn, the founder of Strong Towns and author of Confessions of a Recovering Engineer and Strong Towns: A Bottom Up Revolution to Rebuild American Prosperity.

I think a lot of people know about Strong Towns, but haven’t read his books or heard him speak. Some of his insights are mind blowing to me.


One month out!!
Please help spread the word.

I have confirmed attendance with several city council members :slight_smile:


…hopefully some of the newer members who reaaaaally need to be there? :crossed_fingers: :grimacing:


One of the new councilmembers is coming, yes!


1 Week from Tomorrow!!
Please Join if you are interested and able!
We have over 150 registrants including council members from Raleigh, Pittsboro, Chapel Hill, and Durham!


Just signed up another NEW Raleigh council member.
180 registered attendees!



@dtraleigh can we leave this topic open a bit longer to get a download post event? I’d love to hear the outcome and opinions.


That was ridiculously good.

The presentation was gut-wrenching, inspiring, dreadful, and hopeful all at the same time.

Jane Harrison and Christina Jones were in attendance. Mary Ann Baldwin had to regretfully stay back this morning due to a last minute briefing with the police chief. Jonathan Melton I don’t believe was there, but MAB and JM Don’t really need convincing.

There were electeds from many other municipalities and counties in the area, including the mayor of Pittsboro, two council members from Durham, two planners from Morrisville, Orange county commissioner, Chapel Hill council member, and a slew of engineers, attorneys, architects, builders, developers, and other professions.

It was a huge success, and we look forward to bringing another speaker to the area August 3rd