The Fairweather and other condos on S. Harrington

You might notice I had to comment on his post so people know it’s the Fairweather. LOL


I follow him on Instagram as well. Awesome page.

Just heard that this site is still slated to be a boutique hotel developed by Gentian Group (developers of The Durham Hotel).


Sweet that means it’s probably going to have a good bar and a nice restaurant :grin:


First, an update on construction.


Second, here’s the view the planned hotel at the end of block will have.


Not even 100’ AGL


Fresh photos


For those less intimate with this project, the first pic from @TedF is shot from the south looking north over Lenoir St. The second pic is from West Street looking east. That large 1st floor is really 2 floors (both mostly parking floors) but large “commercial space” on the right corner. Entrance to the parking from West St is on the far left. From what I understand it’s not intended to be used for anything commercial but I’ll be digging into that in the coming months. :slight_smile:


The Paramount has a corner “commercial” space at the corner of Boylan and Johnson, and it’s never materialized into anything commercial at all.

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My hope is that someday… BOTH these “commercial” spaces will actually be utilized for retail! One can dream!


I’ve always wanted the tiny corner space at The Paramount to be a little sundries shop where one can buy a quick coffee, some gum, etc. It could also be a take-away sandwich shop like La Sandwicherie in Miami Beach. Both business models don’t require a lot of space.


Looks like the retail space in was sold by the developer in 2017 and then to some guy in 2018. Not sure what he plans to do with it. Pretty easy to find who it is by looking at property records. I have often wondered about that space too and wouldn’t mind knowing what the plans are, if any. It comes with two deeded parking spaces so I suppose there is a chance he bought it just for that. Which would be yawn central.

Do you have the contact info? I’d be interested in finding out if he’d be into leasing it…

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Thanks. It really is a tiny space. Just looked it up. I can’t believe that the space is 324 square feet. It looks smaller than that. It was sold for $129,000, and half that value is in the two garage spaces alone. I wonder if it also came with its own storage room like everyone else has? Frankly, it was not a bad buy.

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324sf is small, but then again there is a donut shop operating out of 90sf in Charlotte.

Besides, if food trucks can make it work in 100-200sf, then it must be possible here too.

My point was that I thought that 324 ft2 was large compared to what I perceived it to be. I’ve never been in it, but it looked like less than 200 ft2 when I visually assessed it through the window. No doubt that a business can be run from a tiny space. That’s why I referenced La Sandwicherie in Miami Beach. I think that shop is like 6 feet wide by a few dozen feet long.

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If I were to guess, it’s 18x18 on the inside, although there is an expired loop net listing that actually claims a 520sf buildout is possible (with a loft or something??)

The space is really tall. Without a doubt there’s enough room for a loft space.

Getting close on the next floor…


Only a couple more floors to go!

They removed the supports from our unit! You can actually see the size of our little box! Lol