The future of Mordecai, Oakwood and Boylan Heights

Indeed. They mentioned the whole area was unstable didn’t they? I wonder if there is an underground creek/spring there, or if it was built on landfill. But the speed with the which the city is answering suggests to me water or sewer line issues.

You can sort of put it together based on the quotes. Feels like a water pipe issue exacerbating an already difficult site.

Jurkowski admits that the home sits on unstable soil. “But again, it was built in the 1930s,” he said.

“They have given us a projected timeline of about 18 months to complete this project,” he said. “We’re number one on their storm water mediation efforts. So we’ve got their full attention on it.”

“This is basically 120-year-old infrastructure under here, and maybe its time has come,” said neighbor Chris Crew.


There’s a 36" pipe running through their backyard moving stormwater from Oakwood area to Cemetery Branch Creek


Clover Lane public hearing is at today’s council meeting. I’ll try and watch.