The future of Mordecai, Oakwood and Boylan Heights

TBJ ran an article on these yesterday. Matt Tomasulo (former Guest House Raleigh and planning commissioner chair) is behind them!

The 3-story buildings will have a total of 34 studio and one-bedroom units. Casitas Aqui I will total 10,140 square feet and Casitas Aqui II will total 17,220 square feet, which equals around 600-800 square feet per unit. There will be 34 parking spaces.
Tomasulo declined to give a rental range, but he did say that the apartments would rent at a lower rate than others in the area to make it more accessible. In addition, 8 to 10 percent of the units will be for those making 60 percent of the area’s median income.

He does not yet have financing. If he can pull this off, I think it really would be an amazing example of what development of this scale can accomplish.


Still mad Matt didn’t win his City Council campaign some years ago. Dude walks the walk (literally, if you are privy to one of his past projects that still remains on some telephone poles today :wink:)


i wasnt quite sure where to look…whatever became of the clover lane issue? was maximum height achieved or was there a compromise decision? i may be wrong but this one seemed like a finger in the air, so to speak., (wind direction for clarity) thx.

There’s the application that was approved back on 4/4.

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