The Wade Condos

Have the Wade Condo’s come up on here before? Not a huge place, but was the only true condo around being built in 2018.
Pretty building.

Cheapest ones is $825,000,apartment_duplex_type/2089393950_zpid/2018-2018_built/35.798072,-78.647945,35.795227,-78.652559_rect/17_zm/


It is concrete between floors just FYI. It is nice. Not in love with the location personally.

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Likewise. I’d hate to live on Wade Ave. Also I’m not a fan of the style. Too antebellum.

Certainly understand the location not being as sexy as the new fairweather. I would not underestimate the demand for living on the north side of downtown though. I bet they sell all of these. I am also really interested to see the net gain in Tax money for the city with this one. Let’s say the average sales price is $900,000 on 29 units. With our Raleigh property tax rate .009.% we are talking ~$239,000/year or new tax revenue each year for an area that doesn’t need any new infrastructure. Pretty good deal.


Yes. This is the value proposition for infill development. Grow revenues faster than we grow infrastructure so that we can maintain the infrastructure while slowing taxation growth.


Not many left at a bargain price!!!


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“Downtown” :joy:

But if the Old Rex site gets developed across the street these will be in a great location. Right now it’s a far walk to anything.


Hmm I could trade in my house for half a condo 1 mile closer to downtown! I guess my dog won’t mind not having a yard…


I’ll bet that their intended market is empty nesters and retirees from Hayes Barton.