The Weld, Hammell Drive Mixed-Use, Lake Wheeler Road


That’s a nice shot just imagine the possibilities when all the building from there to Doentown are up.



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I still can’t believe there are towers rising here. partly because they’re so far removed from the rest of the skyline(which I realize is creeping down that way) but also that its 2, not 1, that seemingly came out of nowhere. I may have missed it but it was like renderings, then BAM! construction.


I may be a bit out of the loop here, but it’s also kind of crazy you have these towers going up essentially in a neighborhood of SFH’s.

It is essentially along a major N/S corridor (South Saunders), developed with (one of the) Kane(s), using learnings from North Hills and adjacent to one of the largest park projects in the country…
Still, yes - crazy to stand on the back corner of that lot on Fuller / Lake Wheeler and imagine the change.


In this picture you can make out 4 cranes.

Has Raleigh every had so many cranes so close together?


The two blocks of SFHs next to these towers, along lake wheeler that face the park, will eventually be developed. The future city use map has the recommended zoning of up to 12 stories. The small section of fuller heights behind that will likely remain SFH. The new entrance to the park is directly in front of the two blocks of SFHs that are recommended for mixed use development. Further down across from the farmers market has already been rezoned.


Beyond the Wheeler Crossing neighborhood (basically everything on Talmage street) which has an association, I do not think the rest of fuller heights will remain single family.

The remaining area is extremely small. Even assuming the city never changes the zoning from R6 (which I doubt), missing middle will allow redevelopment as attached housing. The entirety of Fuller Heights will eventually redevelop. Eventually even Wheeler Crossing will most likely dissolve their association and sell.

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I agree that it’ll likely be redeveloped eventually, but not anytime soon. The front blocks are much more valuable due to the zoning, along with park views and street access to the park for storefronts, and even those won’t be purchased for many years and then many more for development. The land is going to be expensive and the Lake Wheeler Road Project won’t start until late 2024, which they’re already behind on, plus another 2-3 years for completion.

I feel like so much of it will have to do with the timing and the disruption the development along lake wheeler causes for local residents. Will construction and property taxes, due to future zoning and development, incentivize residents to sell sooner rather than later? Once the front blocks are slated for development, which will be many years due to the price of the land and the Lake Wheeler Rd. Project, the lots further back in fuller heights could turn into million+ dollar SFHs and at that point it’ll get very pricey to buy up those blocks, if people are even willing to sell. I feel like a developer would need to buy up those blocks quickly but the zoning wouldn’t allow for much… would a developer take that risk?

It’ll be interesting to see what direction this area goes and the timeline.