The Weld, Hammell Drive Mixed-Use, Lake Wheeler Road

Not surprised in the slightest. He really should not be allowed to continue renting out places. He should be fined into bankruptcy IMO.

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Lol that’s what I am say my Medicare caseworker is going to right a report


Excellent! People like him shouldn’t be able to continue to rake in profits while actively taking advantage of people. Let us know how it goes, we support you.


Thank man

Figured I would get a comment like this. Yeah the dude is a notorious slumlord. Was trying to come up with a generic term for owners that have multiple properties in the area, don’t live in any of them, would be likely to sell for the right price without a care for neighborhood character, and regardless of how they maintain their properties or treat their tenants.

Still can’t think of a better one than “investor”. I thought of using “owners” but to me that kind of implies owner-occupied properties.

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“Bhola Gupta” charact/s…
Kinda says it all

Wait if you have medical issues that smells like a lawsuit you could sue him, Pedro.

Yes I a have ADHD and Heart disease epilepsy

And I also have a three year old baby

He is a POS human. His daughter is apparently following in his footsteps.

I would pursue legal action Pedro.

These two buildings will be a nice addition to the skyline and will widen it as well.


Yep and it transformed Raleigh south gateways

Welcome to the community! I agree it’ll definitely spark a lot of development in that area in the coming years.


With both cranes already up do we think both buildings have begun?

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They absolutely have. Lots of concrete foundation work going on last time I passed by.


Both towers will go up at the same time. I think the financing was for both towers so no reason to delay given the cost of building these days.


I was unsure because people had said there would be a five month delay between them

Hey y’all — ‘first look’ at the Weld…but, the news is the dev’s donated $500K to the park / conservancy for the Lake Wheeler multi-use ‘trail’ to amenitize their accessibility…


There was a big tent set up on site this morning with TVs and signage, there must have been some sort of press event or ribbon-cutting there.

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