Transfer Co. - Olde East Food Hall


My wife (@Kbattillo) and I went here today to check out Burial and the couple of open places in the food hall. I’m very impressed and really looking forward to the full opening. The Che Empanada place is really good. I highly recommend you check it out. I believe they’re open Thurs-Sun for now until more construction is finished and more stores open.


Crazy how much this place has really actived this neighborhood even those it’s only partially open.


Hey I’m here too!


Well, I was standing in that exact spot on Thursday eating a tray full of empanadas. They are larger than Makus’s empanadas for the same price…I know where I’ll be getting mine. The neighborhood is really taking to it it seems. While I was there a large table of people were playing card games, eating and drinking. I like the more spread out nature of it vs Morgan St.