Transfer Co. - Olde East Food Hall


My wife (@Kbattillo) and I went here today to check out Burial and the couple of open places in the food hall. I’m very impressed and really looking forward to the full opening. The Che Empanada place is really good. I highly recommend you check it out. I believe they’re open Thurs-Sun for now until more construction is finished and more stores open.


Crazy how much this place has really actived this neighborhood even those it’s only partially open.


Hey I’m here too!


Well, I was standing in that exact spot on Thursday eating a tray full of empanadas. They are larger than Makus’s empanadas for the same price…I know where I’ll be getting mine. The neighborhood is really taking to it it seems. While I was there a large table of people were playing card games, eating and drinking. I like the more spread out nature of it vs Morgan St.


Time for a new phone with a better camera but this is an okay shot of the front of the Transfer Company at night.

The diagonal from Transfer Co. is up for sale and will likely see development in the next 5 years. Across the street might also be redeveloped but not likely anytime soon.


$19 for a dozen bagels. $12 for a bagel with schmear and lox. Woah lol. Not even New York City is this expensive.


It’s $18 for a dozen at Big Doms in Cary.


That’s pretty insane. I think that the most I’ve ever paid for a lox & schmear was about 8 bucks, and I thought that was expensive. Silly me.


Here are the prices for Benchwarmers (courtesy of Triangle Food Guy) nothing is really out of line with other places in the Triangle.


I’m not doubting the prices and the market. I just think that they are high.


They really don’t seem that high to me. Basically what you’re going to pay for a “fine” sandwich combo anywhere else.


I guess you’re right. It’s about $13 for a really nice lox and schmear bagel at Ess-a-bagel in New York but a baker’s dozen (13) is up to $17 now.


Official opening of Locals Seafood’s fish Market is this Saturday Feb. 23 12-4pm.
Although it’s calling for rain they are hosting a fish fry on the back patio.
I really enjoy watching this come together and how many people have already visited at only half finished.


Love to join since it’s literally next door but was thinking of working on my cheerwine carnita recipe that day. Might just hold off until Sunday instead.


Looks like Burial has already outgrown its space in Transfer. Will expand into the space next door making it 2000sqft, adding a restroom and connecting it to the food hall. Good news!

Burial Beer Co. has been in Raleigh for two months and is ready to expand its taproom


I haven’t been there yet (too crowded), but they don’t have a restroom right now?


They piggyback off the main restroom inside transfer. Since there is no direct connection, you need to leave your beer, walk out front and around the building to the patio entrance in the back of transfer. A minor inconvenience, but certainly looking forward to this expansion.


Super crowded always. The space is very small. I live literally 100 yards away and never visit because it’s too much to deal with.


Nobody goes there anymore; it’s too crowded. :wink:

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