Treasuring Chris Church Rezoning - 554 East Hargett St (Abode at Hargett)

Looks like the site plan for this one was never uploaded to the city’s development page. (ASR-0017-2021)

These are going up very quickly. I think 9 so far and looks like roughly 25-30 will be here total.


Google maps has a link for this project now with the rendering. image


Hooray for more single family housing within a 5 minute walk to the CBD :smiling_face_with_tear:


Boston-like housing crisis here we come… (5-10 years)

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I wouldn’t be living downtown or downtown adjacent if I didn’t have a single family home. People with kids want to live in the city too. My math could be totally off but the population density of this parcel of single family homes is 37,171.2pp/square mile assuming 30 units with 4 people per household.


I grew up partially in urban condos and loved it, but duly noted that many families only want single family homes.


Wow, this reminds me of tiny town being taken over by tall town over near Wake Forest/Sasser/Watuaga/virginia/Norris/Glascock .

Here is an Indy Article about what used to be:

Then a NYT article driving through the same neighborhood looking just like this one. It must be financially lucrative to build these style and prices. I couldn’t find the article but you all know which one I am referring too (not south park but Glascock/Sasser).

Is any density better than no density? Where can I learn more about both the ideal state and the realistic incremental steps we should be promoting?

I live two blocks down Watauga from those houses! The new ones are still really dense for a historic district and are gorgeous. I like them more than the blocky tiny houses with giant lawns still scattered around north Oakwood / Mordecai.

Filpside, there need to be places for the old residents to move to that aren’t miles away Knightdale.

I don’t have kids and I wouldn’t live downtown without a single family home. And I don’t. Actually I wouldn’t live downtown anyways.

But I’m all for neighborhoods of dense single family homes or row houses or whatever on the periphery of downtown. They can be replaced in 25 years if downtown really is out of space and needs to go vertical. I’m not holding my breath. Just happy for more residents, as always.

Btw none of this was directed at you. Just adding my thoughts.

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Here’s the deal I’d like to make with folks who want a single family home within a few minutes walk to downtown. You can have your single family home but you can’t complain about density built around you.


I’d love to see the NYT article, if you can find it.

I’m pretty sure I don’t agree with what’s going on here with all those SFHs but at the same time, if you look at the city’s comp plan, it does encourage downtown’s development to go west as a way to less rapidly change east Raleigh. A part of me thinks that just means that wealthier people will shop for SFHs with garages on the east side, which is what you see being built here and with other new SFH builds.

I feel that’ll change once BRT gets up and running and the city should encourage density near transit but that’ll take awhile.


And they do: in apartments, condos, townhomes, and now they’ll have 17 new SFH options while hundreds of units could’ve fit in that space :man_shrugging:

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Well, as I pointed out this Abode development is rather high density. I don’t see a problem with it. I would live in one of these. I would not live in The Lincoln.


This point I will not retort :rofl: :+1:


The Lincoln is just the worst of the 5 over 1 buildings in downtown. Can someone please send it to a cosmetic surgeon for facial reconstruction?


To each their own, but having a yard and garage was a necessity for us to move downtown. It took a while to find a garage big enough, but boy am I glad we were patient.

Yes, you can raise kids in an apartment or townhome, but being able to open the back door, and allow your kids to play freely in your own fenced in yard is a very relaxing feeling mentally. The garage helps with all their outdoor toys too, hell my son has more vehicles than I do.


I think this looks really nice. The lots are so small and the houses are so close together that the density is equivalent to townhouses. Some people don’t want to share a wall, I get it. It’s still a good amount of units for a lot of that size.