Triangle among 3 finalists for relocations of 2 USDA operations, 700 jobs

Do not see that as an option. Talk about a “Cultural Clash” between working for government and Amazon. Would be more like a major train wreck. :exploding_head: Management style, work environment, benefits, and work rules would all be very different.

Yes. My heart is breaking for them.

Indiana and Missouri will vote for Trump no matter what happens. They don’t need any special favors. NC is much more competitive and would benefit, though I doubt that will factor in their decision.

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Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue was in the Triangle this week and said a decision on the relocation should come in days or weeks.

Meanwhile, a funding bill seeks to block the relocation.


Sounds like a continual repeat of the US Army, Amazon, Apple relocation process…
…wash, rinse, repeat…wash, rinse, repeat…lol


USDA has had offices at Centennial for at least 20 years. My dad’s office relocated there in '99 from Maryland. You’re exactly right, they wanted to be close to the ag talent at NCSU (and the facilities were newer, the costs lower, etc).


I’m thinking this one may have a twist: we actually “win” a project and are announced as the new location, but then the move is blocked and the relocation never happens.:joy:


Annnnnnnnddd we lost again. Kansas City gets the USDA expansion instead:


Looks like Apple may not be dead after all.
“But state officials maintain that despite Apple’s announcement, they’re still actively recruiting the tech firm to North Carolina in an effort code named “Project Bear.” He said the agency did not consider Apple’s Austin announcement to be the “final decision” specified in state law. The second campus planned for Austin, he said, was separate from the state’s ongoing, “active” recruitment of Apple.”


That’s not a very good code name tbh.

Although, I am saddened by not getting this “operations/relocation” I am also, not at all surprised…There is certainly, something in the water…lol :crazy_face:

Sounds like there will be a large lose of experienced staff with this move. My image of KC, which may be out of date, is kind of a run down place.

When it comes to recruiting companies, I always remember this episode of Planet Money that uses Kansas City as an example. Are they really winning because of this?


Kansas City won out after reportedly offering $26 million in tax and other incentives. Wowzers. I didn’t know you could even offer incentives for government agency relocations.

During a visit to the Triangle last week, USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue praised the region as a possible site.
“You’ve got a great quality of life, you’ve got Research Triangle Park, you’ve got universities and academics, and it is just a great place to live,” Perdue told WRAL News. “We’re looking for data centers, and you have high tech situations here.”

‘High tech situations’. LOL!


Well, consider the source! :wink:

Very disappointing to lose this one. Seems like a natural fit for the area and I feel like they would have had a better chance of retaining staff if they had only moved a few hours away to Raleigh instead of halfway across the country.

As has been reported for a while, a lot of staff is very unhappy with this development. Today a bunch of them stood up and turned their backs on Perdue in protest of the move.


My folks have lived in Kansas City for some time now. I have visited many times. I think it’s a very underrated city. Lots of parks, greenspace, trees, fountains, etc.

Of course, like any major city, it has it shares of bad and run down areas. But overall it’s very nice IMO.

My brother lived in KC for about 4 years. I remember us talking about the abundance of fountains all over the city. I really wish we could get a few signature fountains here…