Western Boulevard Kmart closing by EOY


That’s what I was referring to in my previous post. I just didn’t know the name. I also didn’t care enough to research it.


I work in downtown Raleigh, but I live in Cary. It’s a big deal to me and I hope they get started on it soon. I suspect a lot of Raleigh residents will come visiting once it opens…


I wasn’t saying that it wasn’t a big deal. I was just saying that I didn’t care enough to find out the name. That’s all. No hidden agenda or hating.


It’s called Fenton because it’s the middle name of Samuel Fenton Cary a prohibitionist who was a US Representative from Ohio. And of course whom the town of Cary was named after. I gave you some context so that maybe you would care a little more… haha


Interesting…Cary is named for a prohibitionist. Is this where Cary gets its prohibition of color?


Really? I didn’t know you were one of those people… City of Raleigh is 59% white. Cary is 69% white. While that is a difference I wouldn’t say that it is all that significant. Anyway, I am definitely done with this conversation. Have a great day!


Lol he meant the ordinances about buildings needing to be beige and earthtones


Yeah that’s what I got from that as well…

This thread didn’t turn awkward at all LOL.


OMG. My comment had NOTHING to do with race. It was a joke about how everything in Cary is beige. I apologize that I wasn’t more clear.


Uh, yeah. That’s exactly what I meant. Thanks for seeing that and for interceding in the conversation. I wouldn’t want any unnecessary and unintended triggering to continue to fester!


Sarcasm and jokes pretty much require an emoji or hashtag these days.


I tried using a sarcasm tag once <"/"Sarcasm> (sans the quotes) and it actually tried to make it a tag. Two things the internet needs is an actual sarcasm font (maybe like italics but the other direction) and widespread use of the interrobang. (‽)


I wonder if I should create an official sarcasm “how-to” for this site. As in, I encourage it. :grin:


I’m hoping that TedF is seeing these follow-up comments to the misinterpretation.


I saw them. Sorry that I interpreted your comment wrongly. I have been on the receiving end of Cary critics about race before so I thought it was just more of the same. Cary is very beige but then again so is downtown Raleigh if you ask me…


So, back to the subject at hand. Does anyone know if the Kmart on Western is closed yet?



Yes, it has closed. It has closed, I say (20 character minimum)


Closed, I do declare


A treasure lost! (looking for the facetious icon)