Category Topics

New Construction

This category pertains to physical development within or immediately around downtown Raleigh. This includes residential and commercial buildings or renovations. Think of the topics in this category as being the physical things that are happening here as opposed to planning or policy.

The Pub

The Pub is for all kinds of “loose” topics. Dreams, rants, banter, events, and all kinds of civilized chatter are welcome here. Remember, we’re all connoisseurs so a certain level of decency is expected but feel free to bring up rumors, latest news, odds, and even ends.

Food and Retail

This category is for all things food, drinks, and retail. Let’s discuss restaurants, bars, shops, and services. The main thing to note is that these topics should be about the businesses themselves and not the building renovations.

Transit and Transportation

This category is for all things transit and transportation. This would include the planning of public and private services for human mobility. Buses, trains, cars, bicycles, scooters, sidewalks, anything that gets a person from point A to point B and the support services around it.


This category is mainly for discussion of policy that influences Raleigh’s city center. General policy discussions that affect Wake’s municipalities, as well as greater North Carolina metros, is allowed.

Planning DTRaleigh

This category is for policy and planning of things in and around downtown Raleigh. Topics should include, for example, development planning, discussions around public space, and public meetings. Generally speaking, this has nothing to do with anything physical (see the New Construction category) and can include a bit of politics as well.

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