Community Engagement in Raleigh

I believe that now only two states still allow forcible annexations. At that time North Carolina was one of only four states to allow it. We were well behind the rest of the United States in still allowing this practice. And besides Raleigh or any other Wake County city rarely practiced these forced annexations even when it was legal to do so.


They’re intentionally choosing planned parenthood and LGBTQ to force old conservative voters to choose Livable Raleigh. Then the non-conservative voters will split the vote between LGBTQ and Planned Parenthood.

And if they want Livable Raleigh to win, they’re not going to care about the polls at all. They’re just going to choose what they want instead.

It’s also a completely unscientific poll and basically worthless. That’s not going to stop them from announcing their “winners” and broadcasting it like it means something.

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The whole poll is completely useless, the way it’s structured.

Its like asking a 5 year old, what’s your favorite food to eat?
a) Spinach
b) Broccoli
c) Gummi-Bears.

And then using that to declare Gummi Worms the favorite food.


Disgusting poll. Reminds me the reasons why Indy is a “controlled opposition” rag.


Just saw this. You can check out the agenda for today and join in person at the convention center or watch the live stream.


I’m at this today so if anyone on here happens to be attending also, come say hi!


Do you know if there are any donut holes that actually get city water/sewage services?

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Not that I know of. I would think they would have to apply for annexation in order for that to occur. Somebody from the City of Raleigh might be better to ask that question.

Wanted to pop on here to invite downtown residents and stakeholders to a virtual meeting this Wednesday to discuss the future of our downtown community. In partnership with the City of Raleigh and Interface Studio, Downtown Raleigh Alliance is engaging in a 12-month process to work to create bold ideas for our urban center to continue to grow and thrive. We warmly welcome residents and other stakeholders to join us for an interactive session on November 15th from 6pm – 7pm, which will be held virtually (register here). This will provide an opportunity to learn more about our study process and to contribute ideas and ask questions about issues that matter to you.

Additionally, we have a virtual survey open through November 15th for anyone unable to join for the evening session, here.

Hope to see you there!


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From GoRaleigh’s Twitter Page:

Wake BRT: Northern Corridor Open House
Learn about Wake Bus Rapid Transit
Nov. 30 at 5:30 – 7:30 pm
Durant Nature Preserve
3237 Spottswood St


Southern BRT Station Area Planning December 2023 Flyer.pdf (281.0 KB)

Come on out and share your ideas for the Southern BRT Station Area Planning. I’ll be at the 12/6 Chavis Park Open House, hope to see you there!


Thanks for sharing. Hard to keep up with these so I appreciate the share. Here’s the same info.


really excited to see what they have ucpoming