Dockless Scooters for Raleigh


I really think that’s cause most cities know that funding is not a major issue in getting separated bike facilities on the ground - its political will. So having a big pot of money sitting around they can’t spend would be a PR fail when you want to keep saying you’re bike friendly, but you’re not even spending the money you have to make it better. Much easier to just say “we don’t have the budget, so sad!”


Dear Bird, while you want us to complain about your tax please do the same for us tax payers who seem to have our tax go up each year. Seems we have the same tax vote for the same govt entities every year or two. Fine, but no one cares about our struggle. Do like I do, just pay it and enjoy!


Soft Furry Kitty


The latest in dockless scooters: docks.