Dockless Scooters for Raleigh


Some articles to read.


one little quibble, @John - the article talking about allowing scooters in the bike lane is from 2014 and is talking about scooters much more similar to a vespa than the scooters we’re dealing with in Raleigh.

I have not seen many people argue that these current 15mph scooters being deployed in our city are out of place in the bike lane.


One day in the street, waiting to be crushed by a parking car.
Another day on the sidewalk blocking walkers.
This needs a solution.


Seems like you can walk by those fairly easily :thinking:


That is not the point, these are lazy people who have NO respect for others, like I said, immature pathetic children that can’t even put a childish toy away.


What about wheelchairs? There’s a lot of electric wheelchair usage of that sidewalk because it’s between the Sr. center (Glenwood Towers) and the McD’s.


Easy Raleighbasher lol


Let’s hold the rants until the city releases their proposed rules. Then, we can dive into it.


This exactly.

If a scooter is blocking the sidewalk as I’m walking along, I curse under my breath and move it to the side, but it’s not really a big deal. If someone in a wheelchair, or someone who is blind, has to navigate these things, it’s a different situation altogether.

It’s difficult enough for disabled folks to get around with the state some sidewalks are in, but at least the sidewalks don’t change daily.


When the Birds first landed in Raleigh, I was 100% on board with having them here. I thought they were a great platform to connect a city that isn’t as dense as others. You can be on fayetteville st, hop on a Bird and easily get over to Glenwood, Cameron Village, West St., etc. However, now that Lime Scooters have also landed here… and now that both Bird and Lime are ALL over the place… I feel its getting out of control! Driving around this past Saturday night to grab some food… there were crazy people going all over the place on scooters… in and out of traffic… side walks… jumping out all over the place. I felt I was on high alert my entire ride to make sure I didn’t hit an obnoxious person on a scooter. I am not sure the rules around night time riding, but my opinion is they absolutely should not be allowed. I think we have to have dedicated bike lanes and people have to use them. But after my experience lately with them out of control… I would much rather not have them! I wish people could act responsible!


I’m 100% carless now. Love it. Worst thing is cars that think the pedestrian crossing is where you stop at a light. 50% chance that happens when I take a long walk. That’s more annoying than the birds on the sidewalk.

Blame the city for poor city planning.


You’re carless in Raleigh, or elsewhere? I hadn’t thought it was a viable choice in our city just yet . . . :thinking:


Live, work, and mostly play in Downtown Raleigh. I’ve been known to walk from DTR to Art Museum so…there’s a few of us. I use the $600 a month I save not having a car loan/insurance/gas bill to travel around the world including 3 months this year.


Wow, I’m impressed! Kudos to you for being bold enough to make it a lifestyle. Hopefully many others will follow.


Every building is a parking lot in Downtown so you don’t have to. How thoughtful of the City Council! /s


The silver lining with the birds/lime scooters running out of control all over the place is, hopefully, it will force the city to take protected bike/ped mobility more serious as 1) an economic opportunity for the businesses and residences that can flourish with increased mobility dtr and 2) as a public safety issue that needs addressing.

Or they will just ban them after a threshold of incidences cause uproar…


It’s not a bad idea to always be on high alert when driving your car. I remember thinking the same thing when I moved to Raleigh with all the bikes and bike lanes, but in the end it makes you a safer driver.


This is so true, but you can’t safe drive your way out of others’ idiotic behaviors all the time. :wink:
I’ve seen quite a few really stupid moves by these scooter riders, and it’s usually when they are traveling in packs of young men who, apparently, are all trying to impress each other. When it’s individuals or couples riding them, the behavior seems more cordial and respectful, though running red lights seems to be a common thread among a variety of riders.


I mean just this Sunday a car in Downtown Raleigh ran a red light and hit another car and a group of 4 pedestrians. Pinning a woman beneath the car! And we’re complaining about scooters being ‘annoying’ and theoretically a ‘danger’ to other people.

It’s very likely the woman that was pinned underneath the car will have life-changing injures but dang those scooters though.


Yes we are complaining about the scooters because their disrespectful behaviors can cause more of these accidents as drivers have to respond to them making illegal and dangerous moves. This puts pedestrians in danger, as well as putting the lives of scooter riders in danger. Just because there was a bad accident this weekend that involved cars and pedestrians doesn’t mean that scooters should get a free pass from scrutiny.
The only way these scooters work is for there to be a respectful common set of behaviors that can be expected and enforced. Today that doesn’t exist.