Dorothea Dix Park


A simple sidewalk/bike path along Lake Wheeler Road.

Though I do have concerns that such a path could lead to gentrification next to the park, so maybe we should hold off on that and let the people who walk along that road now continue to do so at their peril.


^^^ someone send that to council members


I absolutely love me some good sarcasm! :wink:


They could even put in a temporary sidewalk in a couple of days; it’s ridiculous there is nothing along Lake Wheeler.


I wasn’t aware that Baker was moving. Though they’re leaving town for Garner, I’m glad they’re moving because they need more space and not because the rents are too high. It will be interesting to see what goes in their current location (and I’m sure they’ll sell as long as the market is hot).


Hey everybody. I’ve enjoyed reading this thread this morning. So many of the points brought up here are the ones we’ve been discussing in the Advisory Group meetings over the past few weeks. It would be very helpful for the Dix Park Conservancy, City of Raleigh, and MVVA design team for you all to share your feedback on their engagement website - They review and analyze all of the public comment posted there, and that analysis becomes a part of the plan presented to the Council on Feb 19th. Public comment is open until January 18th. Thank you!


The tax rate is super low in Raleigh…too low to maintain things let alone make progress on anything new we might want. I’m not all Mr. lets raise taxes guy, but the Road, Water and Sewer CIPs are all way way behind schedule. As it is we have to leverage to get to any of it, and even the tax increases associated with minor leveraging causes paralysis around here. We are super screwed if growth ever slows down around here, because those projected growth numbers are partly responsible for our low leveraging costs. Dense cities up north couldn’t keep up…a sprawled city like Raleigh has much higher costs per square mile. I don’t see how much of anything materializes in Dix without creative revenue sources, because the City is stating in very certain terms, an unwillingness to provide for it with its own money. The early workgroup meetings more or less said, this here park is kind of a problem, and y’all are here to help us figure out a way to deal with it.


Well I have to walk along Lake Wheeler Road, to get to DTR since City Buses start running at 6:00am in the morning, I have no choice since I do not own a Car. My day starts at 4:30 am Should I UBER yeah but it gets real expensive after a while. $$$$$ which is why I PRAY that the City at least widen Lake Wheeler Road at some point in time… which would you prefer gentrification or public safety. ?


I think he left off his “sarcasm” tags (I actually tried to put in faux sarcasm tags and they vanished :slight_smile: )
I can’t beliebe you have to walk in the dark along Lake Wheeler. I wouldn’t walk along that road on the brightest of bright days. I hope you have some good reflective clothing. Stay safe man!


I do I wear light clothing when I go Out that early in the Morning, when a see a Car coming I just step to the side and let the Car go by and continue walking, it takes me at least 45 minutes from Sierra Drive to West St, DTR On foot. I stay most to the Dix side of the Road. Which is why I stress that Transit improves to at least Run early morning like at 5:00am. Sometimes, I just cut through Dix Park to Boylan Ave.


How about cycling - get a bike with lights and reflectors obviously and you cut your commute to 15min. Lake wheeler is a bit scary over I40 as a cyclist but I d rather do that than walk that section


Mav - I’m with you man. The gentrification comment was a dig at certain city council members who seem to be so fearful of doing something wrong that they think doing nothing is a better alternative.

I think the Dix master plan is great and the road diet prescribed for Lake Wheeler is perfect, but I don’t think any of that is going to see the light of day for 10+ years.

Why can’t we have a simple, temporary gravel path along Lake Wheeler that connects Dix and the Farmer’s market and keeps pedestrians and cyclists separated from cars?

Land bridges and cooling gardens all sound incredible, but let’s activate the space now for cheap with a simple path. Simple things can be done to get people using the park now. The more they use it now the more they get invested in its future.

We talk a good walkability game, but if we’re serious about it we need to dignify walking by creating simple facilities for people who choose to walk and for people who have no other choice but to walk.


I bike over I-40 on Lake Wheeler when I don’t have to take my son to school. It is scary and so I chicken out and ride on the sidewalk - such as it is. I see someone cycling that stretch early in the morning with a pair of Ortleib panniers. Is that you by any chance? Whoever it is that person is a badass. Maybe we need to get a bike posse together - strength in numbers kinda thing.


I could and will get a Bike and Ride to DTR, I had at one time use the LimeBike a few times, because there were a few around my neighborhood, so I often do that and it has worked out well. I’m used to Walking a lot coming from NYC…never needed a Car to begin with, because I was within ten feet of just about everything from Dry Cleaners to grocery store to my local Bank. What I am trying to say that If Dix Park Plans to do any sort of work per say…Lake Wheeler Road should be widened to allow a sidewalk path especially if the " Five Horizons" project is said to be planned…let alone Built it will be needed for residence wanting to go to Dix Park, I for One would.


Let’s only widen Lake Wheeler for bikes and pedestrians. If it gets widened for cars, it only worsens the safety for non-car commuters and park goers.


Yes…I agree 200 % with proper lighting as well along that strech.


This is the street profile shown in the master plan.


Sounds like it’s time to do some tactical urbanism here — I wonder if the City would allow residents to build a temporary path on their own?


Love this term. Kinda reminds me of “Gorilla gardening” where folks spread wildflower seeds in vacant lots and flowers take over. HAHA


We’ve been talking for awhile that all they need to do is take down the existing fence and recruit some volunteers to create a mulch path. In fact, we’ve repeatedly submitted this suggestion at all the engagement meetings.

Some fencing has come down, but not all. I guess it doesn’t have to completely come down to create the path, but it sure would make it seem less like Fuller Heights residents are being fenced out!