Former Edison Office Tower

Thanks for the linky. For one thing, it’s lame that WRAL can’t use an up to date photo that includes FNB going up when the whole point of the story is towers going up. Summary:

  1. 301H - 19 story office portion starts in a few months with large tenant. We’re good here.
  2. Nexus (N&O lot) - who the heck is anchoring this 20 story tower? Zero details. Dubious.
  3. Smokey Hollow - 9 story office with large residential. Already underway - we’re good.
  4. Edison (The Edge? whah?) - no anchor, no timeline. Dubious.
  5. Two Glenwood - 10 story office. No anchor, but it’s twin tower sold out quickly. We’re good here.

So office towers of 19, 10 and 9 stories likely to start this year.


But they did spell Smoky Hollow right, @dtraleigh! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Conspicuously missing from WRAL’s list is 400H. Do they know something we don’t, or is it a case of less than thorough reporting?

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It’s strange because the byline is someone who works for WRAL, but right below the byline, it says the article was written by CBRE, probably by someone in their marketing/PR department (the article also conveniently quotes two CBRE executives).

I’d agree that the Edison/Edge was a strange inclusion since there doesn’t seem to be ANY momentum there. Not sure which is more likely between it and 400H.

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I don’t think he’s listening to us. :joy:

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I’m just waiting on the sign.

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Tomato, tomahto! :stuck_out_tongue:

One of those words has an extra letter…


Yep. He has a habit of adding extra letters. :scream:

The Edge. I wonder if the rename is dropping a hint as to the type of architecture we can expect?

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That sounds potentially exciting. Then again, it could mean “The Edge of the DX-40 Zone.” :grin:

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…that his company is on and may go off of if it doesn’t pan out…sorry, not a lot of faith in this one…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Hope, yes. Always, but with action comes faith…a path not a lot of projects have proven to be walking, so far…:face_with_monocle:

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Aka the “you must donate 100,000,000 pennies to play” zone.


No. Stupid names never lead anywhere good.

As suspected, Highwoods is seeking another extension of their parking contract with the City, which expires on the 22nd. From tomorrow’s Council agenda:

Highwoods has plans to proceed with development of the Office Tower and will be submitting an application to the City for site plan approval for a modified version of the development later this year. Highwoods has notified the City that it will be unable to commence construction prior to June 22, 2019 and has formally requested that the existing parking agreement be amended to adjust the Milestone Dates.

Staff, through negotiation with Highwoods, recommends amending the parking agreement to: (i) extend the Milestone Dates 3 years, (ii) reduce the number of parking spaces allocated to Highwoods in the City’s portion of the Blount Street Parking Deck by 30%, and (iii) insert language that the City will work with Highwoods in good faith to provide the Office Tower with up to 89 additional parking spaces at any one time in either the City’s portion of the Blount Street Parking Deck or another City parking facility within six (6) blocks of the Office Tower (on an unreserved, month-to-month rollover contract basis at market rates) but only if Highwoods, after the Office Tower has received its certificate of occupancy, determines that additional parking is needed for the Office Tower project and subject at all times to availability as determined by the City in its sole discretion. Highwoods is in agreement with this recommendation.

The new requirement asks for construction to begin by 22 June 2022. :roll_eyes:


WOW, that’s a bummer. Might as well write that project off.

Why bother setting a new deadline? This one apparently didn’t do any good. The city should offer up the parking spaces to someone else that wants to actually start building something.
(Granted that would be the hollowest of threats but better than mostly rollin over for highwoods again)


To be fair, they did reduce the number of spaces promised by 89, or 30%, which isn’t insignificant. It might provide some motivation for Highwoods to commence construction by the next deadline, but then again, they have 3 more years (assuming the new contract is executed). But I’ve got my fingers crossed that @nipper.dwight is correct about plans being submitted soon. :crossed_fingers:


But even if plans get submitted, Nothing will happen by 22 of June 2020, right?

Actually, they would have two additional years beyond that — until June 2022 — to begin construction. A shell building certificate of occupancy would have to be received by June 2024.