Future of Glenwood South

This looks really neat, FWIW this is exactly the sort of development I would love to see between West Street and the railroad, where the High Speed Rail will eventually go.


I probably did, but I don’t remember it. I was more of a pizza girl in my youth. Actually, still am, but I can appreciate good sandwiches moreso now.

Clearly by its name, it’s run by a French guy. It’s at 14th and Collins Ct (alley) near the beach.
It’s a very simple business model that would be perfect for a container.

It takes up nearly no space at all.


It seems this restaurant has been coming soon for over a year. Hope it opens in the near future.


They first filed site plans for a restaurant conversion of the space in June 2017, so this is almost 5 years in the making. Not sure if Askew House was a concept then or not but it does seem like it is finally becoming a reality.

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We need to find someone who knows someone at CityPlat to put that bug in their ears! :pizza:


So are the assaults for 2019 53 or 211?

I have a :bird: there though not sure my comment will carry much weight.

I’ll throw :pizza: or :taco: joint out there. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not just pizza, a PIZZA RUSTICA franchise.
Not just a sandwich place, a LA SANDWICHERIE franchise.

Trust me. These two are slam dunks for that sort of Yard project.


Who do we send this to? Those places look awesome.

La Sandwicheria is awesome! Something similar would be a great addition to downtown.


I think for Peace and Glenwood, I would much rather see the space turned into something similar to GRUB in Durham. They are also opening the same concept in Apex on the corner of Hwy 55 and Salem St. I love food trucks, but trying to cram them into this space with the existing structure plus any containers, I think is going to be a bit much there and a bit of an eye sore on the day to day.

Even something like what they did with the original dram and draught + add a kitchen for food service would be great.


I’m glad that you agree. The great thing about their business model is that it requires very little capital investment. They operate in a sliver of space and don’t have indoor seating. It’s perfect for The Yard.

As someone who lives not too far from where the TapStation in Apex is going, I can already tell you I’ve heard neighbors lament over ‘where to park.’ Apex has even less transportation infrastructure than Raleigh so everyone will be driving to this. That part of town is near downtown where there’s only street parking and they’ve set up at a busy intersection too.

All that being said, I honestly can’t wait for that spot to open. If it’s anything like their other offerings (Mason Jar Taverns, Scratch locations, or their brewery) then it’ll be delicious and a great experience.

There are hundreds and hundreds of people living within a couple of blocks walk from this location. I am not concerned at all about supporting folks who want to drive to the location. If they do come by car, they can park a few blocks away and walk like everyone who is coming by foot from the neighborhood.


Street parking in Apex can be tight on Salem Street for literally the two blocks between Center and Chatham. Go
even half a block past Chatham on Salem and there’s plenty of spaces, and very seldom a crunch. And Tap Station is 3 full blocks south of Chatham.

People worried about having to walk a block or two can go suck an egg.


It’s my understanding that this deck along Salisbury is free on the weekends. I’m sure it’s hugely under-used but it’s an easy 10 minute walk to this place.


The intent of my comment was around the concept of what is going in. Not necessarily about parking.

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I’m not disagreeing with what you are saying. I’m just pointing out what some of my neighbors have said.

@John Not sure if you talking about The Yard or Tap Station. If you’re speaking about The Yard, yes, there’s tons of people around that can walk to it that live close by.

@TheNightHawk I agree I think a concept like Tap Station can work in that space. If I’m understanding CityPlat/Local Icon’s concept here I believe it will be more than one tenant, unlike Tap Station which would be just Tap Station.