Future Residential Project on the Former Edison Office Tower Site

They already have space in Progress Plaza. 2 floors, I think. I mean, the Millbrook location is fine for now, but it doesn’t have the space they need unless they do some major expanding.

Yeah I remember it was additional parking built into the structure. I believe Urban Planet went over this pretty thoroughly with renderings too.

N&O has some information and TBJ has some…lol

From all that I have read:
AAP is keeping there “call center” in Roanoke VA?
Corporate in North Raleigh
R&D (Engineers) in DTR


Another image (likely to change)


The final design I’m sure will change before they start. But I work in a building managed by them and they’re not exactly keen on spending money when they don’t need to. I’m sure it will be pretty vanilla the final version.

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Sky house is 264’ tall and PNC is 538’ tall so based solely off that rendering I’d guess this has to be 350’+.


What happens if they don’t build by June 22, 2019?

The agreement with the City expires and Highwoods doesn’t get the rights to those 297 parking spaces in the Blount St. deck.

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Yeah the renderings aren’t great as far as detailing how large this tower will actually be. The first one posted makes it look fairly short. But the last one puts it in great perspective between skyhouse and pnc which definitely means it’s over 300ft.

With that said, they are supposed to be making tweaks so who know how accurate those current renderings are. Probably not very since they took them off their website


They definitely like to toe that line between looking like a great modern progressive developer while not spending a lot on the final product. Class A rents while spending class B money. I guess thats what you get with a shareholder driven company.


I’ll believe it when I see it because renderings have a way of overemphasizing the buildings they represent in relationship to their surroundings.


I was thinking the same thing. If it were in NYC it would somehow appear to rival the Empire State Bldg.


TBJ has an article saying highwoods is moving forward with this.


TBJ Article indicates the original plans are being modified by, Rule Joy Trammell + Rubio. Looking at their mixed use portfolio, I like what I see so far. RJTR: Portfolio Would be awesome if this parcel of land was finally built on. That gravel parking lot has lasted way too long.


Their style is very in line with everything else downtown. Boxy with hanging balconies, a la PNC and Skyhouse. But could definitely be worse. Looking forward to see what they come up with and I’m very glad this project is moving forward. I could definitely see Pendo going here.


I went to the City Council meeting this afternoon but the parking contract was not discussed while I was there. City staff were recommending approval of the contract extension, so I assume it was passed.

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Ugh…according to the TBJ, the reason the 20 story tower will include parking isn’t because the spaces available in the massive deck next door don’t meet city code, it’s because the lender is requiring more parking.

From TBJ

Highwoods’ latest project includes office and retail space, as well as 6 stories dedicated to parking, providing 330 spaces accessed through the fourth floor of the neighboring Blount Street parking deck. That amount of parking is sufficient to meet city code, but not enough to appease lenders, according to documents filed with the city. “Highwoods has indicated that lenders typically require approximately 2-3 parking spaces per 1,000 square feet of usable square footage,” a summary of the project attached to a City Council agenda states.

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The original plan was 20 floors of office and 6 floors of parking. Is this new plan reduced to 14 floors of office and 6 floors of parking?

I think that’s yet to be determined, but the rendering we saw seems to suggest that it’s included in the 20 floors, not added to it.

Very discouraged by RTJ+R’s portfolio… full of sloppy, bland work.

I’m hoping the renderings above with the cantilevered slabs were produced by them, because it would be better than what’s on their website by leaps and bounds and would really be a nice add to the Raleigh skyline, probably our sharpest high-rise. I hope the revised designs are pretty close to these, but with additional thought and care given to the ground level condition.

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