"Gaps" in the Downtown streetscape


Before the Bar Association building was built the brick entry posts remained as a sad reminder of this building’s unfortunate demise

101 Blount May 2009


Plus there was that truck that had melted into the road…


Goodnight Raleigh is always a good read …



My Grandmother attended Meredith College at this location around 1920, and she was able to vote soon afterwards. Never missed an election.


One of the spaces in downtown that has opportunity to be a unique setting is the triangle of land between Hillsborough, Edenton, and West.

Looking at iMaps, it looks like that parcel is owned by 3 different entities, so I’m sure it’s a pipe dream, but it would be great to see that little parcel become activated into cool nook.

Could consider some temporary artist/makers market stalls similar to the artist market stalls outside Grove Arcade in Asheville. Possibly various sizes; some small table top only, others with more permanent spaces & lockable doors.

Leave some open space in the middle with maybe a stage in the corner under the big oak at the Hillsborough/Edenton point of the triangle.


I love this little triangle and think it would make a cool little urban park. If 400H gets built across the street, this would be a much needed outdoor space for the residents to use. I hate that it is used as a surface parking lot. But also know that getting the three property owners to agree to sell to the City for a park will never happen.


How about Flatiron Raleigh?


Yes, BUT, where would we park all the cars?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Cars: the bane of our existence.


The lot Nick is referring to had, I think, the Vance Apartments still on it until the early 90’s. Similar to Capital Apartments I am told by coworkers. Never saw a pic though…
As an aside Samuel Pullen’s house (of Pullen Park) was behind this old Meredith, and was a dorm later on. His relocated birth place is still up on Durant just east of Falls of Neuse. It was on the site of that Rex up there when I moved here in 1987. Good lord that was old NC up there in 1987…the poorest of poor families lived in it with trash everywhere, house falling in, no utilities upgraded since the 1930’s or so…coming from NY it was shocking that everything you heard about the south was true.
Somewhere online is the original State master plan for these parking lots…its a pretty, and pretty unfortunate plan in several ways…it would have wiped out more street grid and buildings than you can imagine, and yet none of it was every implemented beyond buying and tearing stuff down. It was a utopian/dystopian nightmare like Albany NY.


Yes, I’ve seen that master plan, and it always reminded me of Albany. Thank goodness we dodged that built. Being a poor state most of its history has let NC dodge some really unfortunate trends. The State Capitol for example. By the time we could afford to add on it was so out of date and small it didn’t make sense. What we got of a state mall was unfortunate enough.


The word from the old timers in my office is NC actually bought the plans for the Albany complex and then just dumbed them down. No under ground mall for us. No Egg. They have 5 Archdale Buildings all taller than our one. Anyway, thats why they look so similar…same designer. Odell I want to say…


I thought that this was as good a place as any to post this terrific video. Those who prioritize the street experience will enjoy this video, and that most (if not all) of us will learn something. I know that I did.