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Love the forum, Leo. I do have a question. What is the maximum size of an uploaded file? I tried to upload a pdf file a couple of weeks ago and it was too large.

3 Megs is the limit. I wanted to keep it that way unless it’s really becoming a hindrance to folks.

If the pdf lives somewhere, you can simply link to it here.

I’m happy to consider bumping it up though. How large we talking?

I should find a way for easy file hosting and then linking here.

About 4 - 6 mb I believe. I worked around it, so no big deal. I just wanted to know for future uploads.

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Leo - FYI, the more I use this site the more I enjoy it. Great job!

I have a question - I unfollowed the amazon hq2 thread with the intent of not receiving emails. Now I can’t see it anymore as long as I am logged in. Any chance I can undo?
Thanks for your help

@niko I bet what you did is mute the topic. This makes it basically go away as you’ve noticed.

To find it again, click on your profile icon and go to preferences (the gear). Go to Categories and you’ll see a link to see your muted categories. You should then see it there.

If you’d like to unmute it again, go to the topic and click this little X icon in the right sidebar.

Here’s the Amazon topic: Amazon HQ2 Downtown?

and here’s the X icon.

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@niko I don’t think I quite answered your original case. I don’t see a way to filter a topic just out of emails. It’s either muted (emails and site) or not.

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Hey, has anyone else been seeing a strange page when they try to access the main blog,

I’ve seen it twice, and it looks like this:

But when I navigate to the site from a Google search, I don’t see that message. @dtraleigh, do you know anything about this?

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@Jack Thanks for sharing. I was tweaking some security settings this weekend. On my end everything seems ok. Can you try both of these links and tell me if one always doesn’t load over the other?



Maybe I overlooked something. Thanks again for the feedback.

The non-secure one fails for me.

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@JimMcK @JimMcK Can you try now?

Both links take me to the blog page. Success!!


Great! I will leave it at that then. Oh technology! :sweat_smile:

Leo, now that your site is HTTPS secure, look into:

  1. Implementing browser based notifications. You can automate it, so if someone opts into notifications, then as soon as you post they will be sent a notification (works on all desktop browsers and Android mobile …not yet on IOS mobile). This will keep you site top of mind for people and allow them to see immediately when yo’ve made a post.

  2. Creating a web app shortcut… meaning, you can prompt people to book mark your page, and when they do on mobile devices they can get an app icon to do on their homescreen. So is just a click away.

Let me know if you need help with either of these things.

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For #1, I think this is what you mean, yes?

As for #2, this would just be instructions on how to get people to add a web link to their mobile homescreens, yes? This has been around for awhile but always good to remind folks.

Thanks for the suggestions!

  1. Well, I find that forum notification can be a bit annoying since they are so active and there is a fine line between notifications being helpful vs being annoying. I was thinking more along the lines of you using a technology like ‘One Signal’ for the main site (everytime you post an update, we get a notifications) which is free, works very easily w/ wordpress and allows a simple interface for people to subscribe or unsubscribe from the site notifications.

  2. Yes and also you having an app icon uploaded so when they do create that shortcut they get what looks like an app. The site I own does it like this…

Hello Suggestion: current entries should be at top of page so you do not have to scroll all the way down page.

@Raleighwood After doing a bit of searching, it looks like reverse order posts aren’t possible. Sorry about that!

What I would recommend is that you use the timeline “scroll bar” to the right of the topic. At the top of that bar, you’ll see the date of the first reply. Click that to jump to the first post. At the bottom, you’ll see the date of the most recent post. Click that to jump to the most recent post.

Also, to borrow statements from others “Discourse already provides the function of beginning the reading experience where you ended it. In other words, Discourse keeps track of your reading position. For example, if a topic has 40 posts and you read 30 of them, it remembers that. If the topic gets 40 more posts while you’re away, it will start you at #30 so you can pick up where you left off. I know that’s not a direct response to your query, but it’s useful and cool. :slight_smile:

Hope these tricks help make it a better experience for you.

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Thx U for support.

So, I have a silly question: What exactly is the scope of this forum? Obviously it is centered around Downtown Raleigh and its perceived borders, but are discussions relating to other, less-dense ITB neighborhoods such as the western portions of Hillsborough St., or Glenwood Ave. north of Wade Ave. allowed?

Also, what about off-topic discussions? What are the policies here? And should there be an introductory forum where people can say a bit about themselves and introduce newcomers?

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