GoRaleigh Bus System, now and the future

Let’s talk about the North Hills to Downtown connection as it seems to have come back. When the R-Line first launched in 2009, there were other outcries for similar circulators, including North Hills but also The Village. Some residents wanted the R-Line to serve more places. There’s a bit of elitism here as the GoRaleigh bus system had routes going to these places already. The calls should be for more frequent service to more places, including North Hills.

So we have the #8 Six Forks route that serves downtown to North Hills today. It even goes up and down Six Forks for North Raleigh to North Hills connections.

Timetable shows hourly service from 6am-10pm 30 min during AM/PM rush hour. I would propose they fund GoRaleigh enough to get this to 15 min frequencies if people feel there is a need here.

Of course, lots of people have opinions but, for me, when it comes to route planning, you need to serve people who will use the bus at least multiple times per month. That puts the “mass” in mass transit. Criticisms against the R-Line not being used would still apply to some bus that goes from North Hills to DTR only. Few people live between there so why would they ride a bus somewhere close and then transfer? Driving is just so much easier.

Any talk of a NH to DTR circulator seems silly to me. Tell me where I’m wrong?