Hillsborough Street Mixed Use projects near NCSU

Whoa. If I’m reading this correctly, they are offering nearly twice the required amount of off-street parking, and the building fronting Hillsborough is going to have ground-floor parking with a dorky little brick facade instead of, oh I don’t know, retail? This is pretty nauseating.


Looks like a parking deck to me and not surface parking.

Taking over the empty lot and the boarded up gas station. Pretty much anything they build there would be great.

Gotta love the “amenity area” surrounding the power line pole.

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No, that’s definitely surface parking, though 29 of the spaces are underneath the building fronting Hillsborough St. and 7 are located along Hillsborough (yay! Parallel parking!). There are two entrances to the parking lot, which provides 91 spaces.

Looking through the plans again, I was pleased to see that this project includes a 6’ bike lane and 7 on-street parking spaces on the Hillsborough St. frontage.

But do note that there is a large utility easement for power lines running through the site, which certainly restricted what the developers were able to do with the site. That said, though, they definitely could have done better than this. It’s a car-centric development on one of the most pedestrian- and transit-friendly streets in the city, though admittedly not in the heart of the district. If urbanization continues to spread down Hillsborough St., this will stick out like a sore thumb.

From a marketing perspective, it’s easy to see why they are providing 127 parking spaces: 1 for each one bedroom unit & 2 for each two & three bedroom unit.

I would definitely want my own parking space!

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. . . Annnnnd we have renderings!

It’s called The Turnhill, developed by CityPlat. Their website lists it as two separate projects, one listed as 2020 and the other as 2021, so I suppose it’ll be constructed in phases. 93 units total.


The link is outdated now. Is this to the left of the Arby’s with the old sign?

Also another CityPlat project under planning/engineering is Hillsborough Pointe, which will replace J&J Automotive at 2812 Hillsborough St. A site review popped up on the Wire some months back that seems to have been missed:


This project will be a 4-story mixed-use building with 29 units and ground-floor retail. 13 parking spaces required, 13 provided. Renderings:

Being just a block away from Stanhope, Uncommon, and more, this area of Hillsborough St. is quickly becoming very dense.


Yes. It’s on the site at the SW corner of Hillsborough and Turner.

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That’s gonna be quite the change. I’m looking forward to this. Both projects actually!

The Turnhill will also have a large development directly across Hillsborough St. The trees have been cleared and the old frat houses look like they could come down any day now.


What is that development going to be? I keep waiting for the houses to come down

As best as I can tell, nothing has ever been approved there. There was an attempt to rezone for to RX-5 (Z-35-13) that was denied in 2013, then another to reclassify to NX-3 and RX-3 (Z-16-15) in 2015 that was withdrawn. At that point the property changed owners to FMW who has stated they will develop it as 3 separate 3-story buildings, and seems likely to keep the current OX-3 zoning, but hasn’t submitted anything to the city yet.


More surface-level parking than I’d like

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At the very least I’m glad the parking doesn’t face Hillsborough St.

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A lot of that surface parking is under a big power line.

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I’m pretty sure the guy with the green suit leaning on the black Porsche is a pimp… Is this really the kind of business we want for Hillsborough Street?