Maywood Corridor, Lake Wheeler, Fuller Heights

Randomly planted field of cotton outside the State Farmer’s Market today… If that has always been here, I’ve never noticed.


Been there since mid-summer-ish, following rotating the small plot of sunflowers…


Out of curiosity, my wife and I walked down Maywood Ave and then up Lake Wheeler this weekend from the Farmers Market to where it intersects with Saunders. I knew the pedestrian experience was supposed to be bad up this way, but I didn’t realize it’s basically impossible to walk safely in it’s current state. I’m really excited for the upcoming improvements to both Lake Wheeler and Maywood.

Any idea if the ROW/easement acquisition has started for the Lake Wheeler improvements (ped/bike paths and roundabouts)? The project’s site says it is/was slated to start Winter 2024, wrapping up by early-Summer.


There was marking / stakes applied to the (Fuller Heights) front yards along Lake Wheeler in the past few months…


We got our eminent domain offer from the city last week. That part will wrap up in June.

I’m not looking for details, but was it a reasonable offer? Thanks!

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If you didn’t know better, then yes. They offered the appropriate amount for if you sold the house as is to a residential buyer.

Since the city approved city initiated future zoning, to regional mixed use up to 20 stories and the neighboring properties were bought up for 4.633 million an acre for the Weld development, then no.

For eminent domain you use highest and best use value. Meaning, if the property is likely to be bought for development then you use the price that it would sell for in that scenario. If you go by the land value next door then that would be a little over double what they’re offering. Either me or an eminent domain attorney can use this to negotiate a higher number, but some people will likely take the offer thinking it’s fair.


Just curious - Didn’t property evaluations just come through in the mail…?
Or more specifically, those valuations did not take the Weld value to adjacent zoning into account…?
Sticky situation - most owners likely don’t want their taxes going up concurrent with the taxes for the Weld BUT, when they’re buying your front yard - you’d like the highest / best use value.
Hope you get a fair mediation…

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The highest best use is only used for eminent domain, not tax evaluations. You can only tax on what is currently there. Since the current zoning is residential that’s what they have to use. The tax values just doubled. When the city changes the zoning to regional mixed use the tax value will skyrocket.

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Has this made the rounds yet?

Considering how much trouble raleigh drivers have navigating normal roundabouts, I’m a bit concerned…


I actually think that people will find this peanut easier than a typical roundabout.


Maybe, but there’s also a lot of bike/ped crosswalks and potential conflict points. I guess if drivers are just confused enough to slow down that would be a good thing.

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I would think that the “confusion” would actually slow down traffic, and I do worry about the crosswalks that are close to the entrance point for vehicles to the peanut. I’d love to see those sidewalks/bike paths go under the road, but that’s not likely to happen for $$ reasons. The crossing at the pinch point of the peanut worries me less as a walker.


Pedestrian crossing south of the peanut is correctly located (IMO) behind the lead car position where driver’s attention is on other cars in the peanut and ahead of the second car where driver is only looking forward.

If Raleigh ever decides to build a NASCAR street course this could be a fun challenge

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Agreed. It’s basically like entering a parking lot for a moment. Yield to everything mentality is the goal

That’s not how you drive through a parking lot… You go as fast as you can to minimize the chance of hitting anyone, right?