New Retail/Restaurant Openings


This is a general thread for new retail developments in and around Downtown Raleigh.

Here’s one that was recently announced: A golf simulator and apparel store is opening at 301 W. Cabarrus St. It’s called Dogwood Country Club.

This is a very interesting development in downtown retail, and I hope more unique stores like this open as well.

New restaurants near Peace Street

The Hemp Farmacy. Directly across from the rising One Glenwood tower. Local-sourced hemp / CBD products!

N&O Vid

Pic with Origin Hotel under construction in background

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Apex Outfitters is coming into the old Deco space. I’m guessing someone already mentioned this in another thread, but this is a cool store. It’s like a local version of REI. Caters to hikers, bikers, boarders, campers, etc…


An upscale men’s clothing and accessories retailer, Ealdwine, will be opening in downtown by the end of the year. It will be owned by two local entrepreneurs and located at 412 S. McDowell St., next to Port of Raleigh in the L building.

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500 dollar shoes, yikes, wish them luck.

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How does the L building, of all places, attract all these pricey retailers? Gypsy Jule and Port of Raleigh both seem to keep their doors open, yet it seems like the least conducive place for retail in the DT area.


This is something I’ve always thought DTR lacked. This seems like the kind of place where they serve expensive bourbon while you’re getting measured. I like that it’s a local store, too and not a chain.


Unfortunately, this isn’t an opening, but rather a closing: Deep South is closing on New Years Eve.


The Site Review for James Goodnight’s restaurant project at 502 W. Lenoir St. has been posted to the City’s website:

(It’s the vacant repair garage)
Looks like, from the plans, that the developers want to remove much of the asphalt surrounding the building, and will only be providing 9 spaces despite the 13 required. They also plan to construct an additional building in the back to support the operation. One interesting feature in the document is that there is covered bike parking included in the plan.

I can’t wait to see the finished result!


Does anyone else’s spidey sense go off about this one ?
Feels like it could be the rumored Sam Jones in RAL location…?
Give Danks and Praise. I’ll raise a glass tomorrow to family, friends and living in a city where opportunity is in fact happening around us and the communal discourse of this sort is a viable expenditure of time.
Cheers (DT)RAL infrastructure compatriots.

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I hadn’t hear about a Sam Jones coming (I had to look it up honestly…never heard of it period). Anyway, not sure really…on the one hand a local celebrity is something Goodnight would want in his space, but on the other hand there is already a top tier barbecue place in the area. Would they compete or compliment each other? I don’t know…whatever it is, I bet it’ll be super popular.

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I haven’t heard this was rumored until now but you’re correct.


It’s going to be Sam Jones in the old Dusty’s Garage. Initial rumours were Goodnight was going to open up a Jewish Delicatessen type shop which would have been great because we dont really have anything like that around here. But as a resident of the neighborhood I guess any restaurants down here are better than nothing.
Good BBQ is always welcome.


Maybe it isn’t incredibly unique, but a restaurant by Sam Jones will certainly be big for Raleigh. I bet this place will be very busy.

A Jewish delicatessen would still be great, though. :smirk:

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Are there even any Jewish people here? One of the weirdest things living here is the various Jewish cultural things I took for granted as ubiquitous in NY and MA don’t really exist in Raleigh. I miss that.

Also, I was looking at Google maps after reading that article. If Kane gets Raleigh to connect West St, this place is gonna be like 2 blocks from The Pit. It seems so disconnected right now, but that could suddenly be very close. I like it, tho…

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It is going to be really busy but isn’t really going to have any parking. It’s going to be interesting to see how that’s handled with the Fairweather going in across the street it could be a mess. It said they plan to open in the Fall 19 but with the pace Goodnight works at I’d be surprised if it isn’t more like Winter or Spring '20.

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Clancy & Theys owns the 2.5 acres directly north of this site too. Gotta think if they are selling off their main plot to Kane that they would entertain selling off this land as well…

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A small community I believe. There is a Jewish bakery in Mission Valley

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A good chill bar space with a neighborhood feel would be ideal…too bad I just switched sides of town…

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Is Fairweather going to charge for the aroma coming from cookers?