Platform and Development at W Cabarrus/S Saunders

I took these the other day and forgot to post them.



April 24th update photos of the progress at the Platform.


Technically 3 cranes on this site now. Also a semi-unique angle.

EDIT: additional shots


I was just thinking this morning that I need to take a photo of the Dupont warehouses as seen from Cabarrus because that view didn’t exist before demolition and won’t exist for much longer. Looks like you’ve captured a few!


The parking deck looks impressive from up here, but the entire development is really taking off with them establishing the second floor now. More pics to come.


Street level shots



Wow, in your 3rd pic, that whole side is supposed to be lined with retail, which will then connect to the new Boulted Bread and Raleigh Denim storefront locations on the same block. This is REALLY gonna activate more of the South side


Yeah I’m looking forward to seeing this once its finished. I didn’t realize how big this is going to be. I wont recognize this area once this & 320 South are completed.


Does anyone know what’s up with the little patch of trees on the SW corner, or how they’ll be incorporated into this project?

That’s gas line infrastructure that can’t be relocated. I’m sure they’ll do their best to mask it while keeping it serviceable.


Well dang. That looks… in the way.

Hey, I’m not mad about keeping some trees on the corner!


We’ll see. Kane’s reps kept telling us that retail won’t work here (and that was before the pandemic) and the commercial spaces will be “creative office” whatever that means. :woman_shrugging:t2: I hope we get something more interesting.

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It’s in the last renders that were released

I’m not in loop about this project but I wouldn’t put much stock in renderings. A lot of projects in Durham that got rendered/advertised with retail never materialized. 555 Mangum is just office on the ground level, and looks like The Vega condo building will do the same. You never know for projects that are a bit outside established retail corridors, unfortunately.

For this one specifically though, with the Boulted Bread and Raleigh Denim storefronts literally down the block, and Rebus Works just a ways up from there, adding retail along this building would quite literally establish a retail corridor. Truly hope they don’t just turn it into another dead zone, UGH.


Agreed, and with what should be very little traffic coming through here, a very desirable/walkable area. I suspect most “traffic” traversing The Platform development including retail shoppers in cars will enter/exit from Cabarrus. I believe there’s an entry/exit from Dupont, but connectivity to go places from there won’t be as advantageous I don’t think (don’t hope).

I know what it seems like and I agree, but the horse’s mouth told the neighbors who were asking for retail that it would not work in this development because they’re isn’t enough traffic. They said creative office, end of story. Their words, not mine.

I hope they were just under promising, but I don’t take them to be the the types to do that.

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They could create traffic for retail with more housing.