Pronouncing Downtown Raleigh

Just because people here have mispronounced the name for years doesn’t change the fact that the word is more-duh-kye. It’s a Jewish name with only one pronunciation.

Also, I’ve been confused about this one for awhile. Is it RAH-lee or rah-LAY (as in sleigh)?

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I suppose that it depends on ones accent, but it’s always been my understanding that sound is “lee” at the end.

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The Kerr - carr thing is what drives me nuts… I’ll never give in on that one… although I said the same thing about pronouncing Topsail topsuhl and I just gave in because I was sick of being shunned because of my pronunciations.


Cringe every time I’m on an airplane to Raleigh. The flight attendants never get the name correct. It’s Raw-Lee.

Here’s VisitRaleigh’s video saying Raleigh a lot:

I always enjoyed how Pearson St is said, at least when I was growing up. Peer-sun/Pierce-sun.

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lol there’s a ton of English words that aren’t pronounced phonetically. That’s like refusing to pronounce island, eye-lend. Get wit da locals, mon!

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God I’d hate to learn English as a second language. It must be maddening.


I’ve always thought it’s “RAH-lee,” rhyming with “trolley.”

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I guess no one realized I was making a joke. :sleepy:


Just to add, Vidrio is “glass” or “window” in spanish. Not entirely sure how that relates to a restaurant though.

They have a huge wall full of glass artwork. It’s really quite beautiful.


Agreed. Vidrio is lovely inside.

Are you talking about “Person” Street ? Person, like a human being Person?

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Right, spelled Person, said Pearson. Thanks for the correction.

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99.9% sure its pronounced Person like a people person.
Where have you heard otherwise?


I see people suggest RAH-lee and RAW-Lee.
Frankly, I don’t hear any difference in my head between these two suggestions. I suppose if you pronounce raw with a flatter mouth opening, than someone who would pronounce it with a more rounded mouth, you too might think that it sounds the same.

Lol has this been bothering your for 2 months? :wink:

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No, it hasn’t been bothering me for 2 months.


Any help?


Per a Facebook post on Friday on the Transfer Company page.

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