Raleigh Elections and Council Overall

Nor do I - but it’s not just charisma I’m referring to; it’s how she responds to critics. It comes off petty and insecure, not a good indicator of strong leadership. Now, I’m not saying she isn’t or couldn’t be a great leader, but if I weren’t as well informed on her (now and back when she was a councilmember), I’d see her brief and infrequent public appearances and think “who the hell is this, and why is she so curt and patronizing??” - that’s my point; to the vast majority of locals/voters, they simply aren’t as informed as you and I are on her history, her experience, and WHY the decisions she makes are good for the city. They just see that she used to work for a developer for a while and instantly go “sHe’S iN tHe DeVeLoPeRs PoCkEtS!” - I see that sentiment ALL. THE. TIME. And she doesn’t do herself any favors with those voters when she offers so little by way of likeability; it just adds fuel for these voters to justify their uninformed opinions. Public perception IS important in politics - perhaps not for properly fulfilling the actual role of Mayor, as you say (and I agree) but again - if she wants to run again, and win, it’s the one thing she completely lacks and it WILL hurt her campaign this time around.