Raleigh in State and Federal Politics

Cary/Morrisville would not have made the 13th district competitve in the way SE Raleigh does. The way it is drawn, it leans Democratic. Any other way would be likely Republican. I agree with you and get what you are saying, but if you want to create a generally equal map, which NC is a 50/50 state really, you have to split the cities. Any other way and you would end up with something closer to a 9/5 split.


I didn’t realize that since I couldn’t (immediately) find a higher-resolution map at the time of writing. Thanks for looking into this more.

With that said… yeah… it’s not the greatest. But like @ahops0428, @oakcityyimby, and @Kanatenah implied, there is no winning in geographic breakups for representation. I feel like multi-member districts combined with a nonpartisan alternative to proportional voting would be better, too, but it seems like most Americans forgot about the “experiment” part of the “American experiment” that the Founding Fathers expected of us.


Hard to find the right thread for this, but I did a search and it doesn’t look like this was mentioned anywhere. Deborah Ross got some earmarks (aka appropriations, aka ‘pork’) last year:
Congresswoman Ross Secures $10.6 Million For Education, Affordable Housing, Research, and Other Priorities in House Appropriations Bills | Representative Deborah Ross

The most relevant items are $3 million for Dix-Chavis Strollway / South Park Heritage Walk
and $2 million for CASA’s King’s ridge. There’s also some projects for downtown Garner pedestrian improvements, GoCary green roofs, etc.

Not sure if Price has a similar page, I did a quick search and it didn’t come up. Burr and Tillis also did some earmarks but they’re… less exciting, unsurprisingly. Earmarks are pretty controversial but this is a great way that different candidates of the same party can really make a difference for the city. A NIMBY vs. YIMBY democrat would have very different earmark priorities.


Not sure if this is the right place for this topic, but it felt relevant. The NC Senate has made wearing masks for health reasons in public illegal. Seems like this is going to become Bathroom Bill 2.0, and I would expect that a fair number of organizations are now going to take Raleigh off of their list of potential conference locations.

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Silly. Doesn’t seem to be getting nearly the national publicity of the bathroom bill fiasco, though.


To be clear it’s not illegal yet. The House would also have to pass it and the Governor would have to sign it into law.

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True, my bad. Seems like it will clear the house and get vetoed.

I’m just glad they are taking on some real problems in this state with this.

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Rs hold a veto-proof majority in both houses, don’t need the Gov to sign it. That said, do the Rs have the votes within their own party that would vote to override the Gov veto?

That’s the real question. Time will tell, I guess. At least they have a loophole for the KKK in the law. Wish I was making that up.

From what I understand, the impetus for this law is to make sure that law enforcement can identify protesters, I mean “violent” protesters. I put violent in quotes because I think it’s worth discussing how that it going to be interpreted.
Then I suppose that those who are against mask mandates saw an opportunity to force everyone to not to wear a mask in public at all because of “freedom” or something.
Right now I have a cold and l need to go to the pharmacy to get some sudafed to clear out my sinuses. I am going to wear a mask to be respectful of others and try not to spread the cold. If this legislation becomes law, we will all be forced to risk spreading disease if we need to leave our houses to run such errands.

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It’s unenforceable and likely unconstitutional. Simply do not follow this “law” if it ends up becoming one. This is America. You have freedoms that cannot be infringed upon, and wearing a god damn medical mask when sick is absolutely one of the most basic, inoffensive freedoms you can exert. Simply do not pay mind to this anti-freedom BS.


Let’s discuss this through the weekend but the topic really doesn’t fit in the realm of this site. After Monday, let’s move on.

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The impetus of the law is to “Stick it to the libs” as payback because we had a wordl wide pandemic that killed over 1 million people in the US, and the CDC recommend everyone wear masks to save lives.

Making sure law enforcement can identify protestors is just a BS excuse.


Fits the realm of this thread, though. Stupid do-nothing legislation like this absolutely can and will effect Raleigh (negatively) as we are the Capital city and therefor take the brunt of political unrest, protests, and impacts from potential tourism, business, etc when our state gov’t makes objectively stupid decisions. I see no harm in discussing the ramifications of it in this thread, IMO.

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Sorry about that. I agree it isnt the best fit for this place, though at first I thought some aspects of it would be applicable. In particular, someone on a raleigh reddit thread about it mentioned that their organization was already looking into alternatives to the Raleigh convention center for future events in case this becomes law. Its all speculation at this point, and that probably doesnt really make for useful conversation on this forum.