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Tranferring people via some sort of light transit from DT, through NC State and to PNC is a perfect example of how to leverage a light rail, free trolley, or other type of non-commuter oriented system.


This is a regular argument of mine also against stadiums right in the center of a downtown. They are mostly dead zones. I am ok with them on the edges of a downtown, perhaps in a dying industrial area, but taking up important commercial, office and residential areas is a complete waste. Generally I think this thought (putting them right in the CBD or near it) comes from people who live outside of downtown and think of downtown as some sort of uber playground.


I completely agree. Use sport stadiums and other destinations to expand downtown. Raleigh’s opportunities to do so exist on its southern border. Dix Park already gives us a reason to expand, and a sporting venue in that general direction will only encourage it more.
Interestingly, the proposed soccer stadium seems to be an exception. The proposed location near the train tracks on the northwest corner of the state government complex seems to me to be one of the core locations that I’d support because it’s a total dead zone, and it’s walkable to various residential districts within the city that are only getting denser and more vibrant.


I would like to see The Cargill Site become a sports stadium ! This is a 10 acre track & The City owns 5 acres touching the Cargill track ! Combine this with affordable housing , restaurants , retail , would really kick start southeast Raleigh ! Great access for traffic from I- 440 !


NC State already provides a shuttle from campus to PNC for basketball games. I can’t find a map of the route, but I’d be shocked if it didn’t already go right past where a station for the new commuter rail would go. I’m sure that could route could be expanded to include other events at PNC too.

If that area is activated as an urban node, it would need persistent transportation options, not just during events.


Hey everyone, we’re starting a grassroots MLB-to-Raleigh fan group! If you’re on twitter, check us out @OakCityBaseball. The twitter account just started up, but we’ll be posting ideas, population stats, maybe even some renderings (I know how this forum loves some renderings)!!

Follow us and we’ll follow back. Let’s get this thing going, and if you’ve got any billionaire buddies, we’d be verrrrryyyyy interested in talking!


This is great! Is there a way I can get involved beyond just following on Twitter?

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Thanks Kevin! @Loup20 and I have been talking about this for a while, and he’s got some other folks involved too. We haven’t had any meetings set up just yet, but hope to soon.

For now, a great way to help would be to post any data you come across (with a link/citation) showing Raleigh’s/Triangle’s growth numbers, population data showing our comparability to other existing MLB markets, or anything else that could support our case. It’s important to have links/citations supporting the claims for credibility’s sake.

Feel free to post here and I’ll tweet it out, or tag @oakcitybaseball on twitter and I’ll retweet it.

Started an Instagram account, same name: oakcitybaseball. Now I just need to get the hang of Instagram ha!

@nipper.dwight you in buddy? #oakcitybaseball :deciduous_tree::cityscape::baseball:

Hey RedVelvet , Thanks for the invite ! Yes , I’m in ! Love Baseball ! I don’t believe that any of you guys will agree with me on this ! I still want & support bringing The Atlantic League to Raleigh ! AA Level of play , 40% of the league players have playing time in MLB , 22 year history , & a local investor is working toward this project ! The Chicago Dogs of The American Independent League played their first season this year & Independent Baseball is coming to Dallas & Milwaukee next season ! This information is in Ballpark Digest Independent ! I love minor league & college baseball ! Won’t ever forget watching Rich Hill pitching in April 2016 for Long Island of The Atlantic League & watching Rich pitching on TV in October for The Dodgers in the playoffs ! I really believe that Raleigh would be a St. Paul , Minn. success ! St. Paul of The American Independent League averaged 8,293 fans a game this season with their stadium being only 13 miles from The Twins Stadium ! Anyway , I know that all of us love baseball , that’s for sure !


High Point NC will have a Atlantic League Team next season , 2019 , if their new downtown stadium is finished !

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With the Durham Bull’s so close by, I can imagine it would be hard to get another AAA team here. I would think maybe targeting the new expansion teams over the next 5 years, especially if Charlotte gets a team.

Charlotte should not get a team, they cannot support two teams let alone 3.
Mexico City and Montreal will get teams.

Does anyone remember when we/Raleigh will here back about the last 2 MLB teams to be awarded? Please and thank you! :grin:

Montreal already had a team. There is only one team in the South not located in Florida, and that is the Braves. Charlotte should get a team. I would say Raleigh, but ha!

No, the talk for years is to bring back the Expos which they should and it will happen, Charlotte should not get a team. They have won nothing, can’t suppoet two teams let alone three anc is should never go to Charlotte if placed in NC, not a good sports town at all.

Plus baseball is dying and boring, the attendance numbers are seriously skewed, the stadiums are more than 1/2 empty everywhere, and Charlotte will never support 20,000 let alone 40,000, their population is not that much larger than Raleigh, banking is dying and they are primarily blue collar, baseball prices are oathetic (Raleigh is a baseball area more than Charloote, minor leagues, history, college baseball and USA Baseball HQ, and we would draw the whole East Coast of NC).
Anyway, does not matter, it’s still boring and dying.

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Baseball is challenged by new demographics and viewing habits, yes, so it will have to adapt to that. But dying? No way. MLB’s new leadership just needs to show that it will adapt to younger crowds. There are several ways to do this…

One thing I think you will start seeing is smaller, more intimate ballparks. (Tampa Bay’s proposed new park would be among the smallest in MLB).
Knit them into the city fabric like Fenway and Wrigley–not these beside-the-interstate behemoths with miles of parking lots.
Rely more heavily on non-traditional ingress/egress: satellite parking with shuttle bus, commuter rail, BRT, ride share, rickshaw, foot traffic
Incorporate things that younger generations are into: micro breweries, local music, arts, etc.

Yes, Raleigh is currently behind other markets in the expansion pecking order, but we all know our city is growing like crazy. It’s not out of the realm of possibility in the next, say, 5-10 years.

BTW, yall give us a follow @oakcitybaseball !!