Residential Infill along New Bern - Edenton


What street is this?


Pender street at Fisher


Thanks. I’m going to have to map this.

Holy crap there’s a lot of empty lots to fill in that neighborhood. I had no idea there was so much vacant land there.

#84 Here is more info on that. Excited to see these come along.With this and new Washington Terrace a lot of people will have places to live in this area over the next two years.


Yup, I signed contracts for one of the houses. Mine won’t start being built til January with a move in of May 2019 but I am already financially invested. A great opportunity I think. I’m an educator so I was glad to see something like this come about.


Yeah I think the neighborhood will look nothing like it does now in two years. I’m excited.


Congrats! That is awesome to hear. I will buy you some Jack’s Seafood as a welcome to the neighbourhood once you move in.


Thanks! We defintely should do that. Thanks, again.


Very happy for you, and extremely happy that the city is backing this program. I used a federal government program to buy my first home (condo) when I was in my 20s and only made in low $20Ks. Yes, it was a long time ago! The program was an enduring, but small, tax credit (as long as you lived there) that allowed a low income like mine to qualify for a loan when rates were nearly double what they are now. I never would have been able to enter the market otherwise. At over 9% interest rate, a $57,000 condo felt impossible to me. It was a very modest condo OTB, but you have start somewhere! After living there several years & into my 30s, I was able to use my equity from that place to purchase pre-renovation at the Cotton Mill. I’ll never forget how a relatively small government program helped me stand up.
Good luck!


Thanks, @John. That’s an awesome, inspiring story.



Another buddy of mine bought one too…he’s a State employee FWIW.


That is awesome news. I’m hoping for a good mix of folks and income levels.


Did these projects get approved? I don’t know how to research the minutes from any City Council meeting to determine if they were approved. Anybody else know an easy way to see if they were approved?


More townhomes coming to this corridor


Says the owner is the city. Are these more units for first time home buyers through a city program? Does anyone know?


They are, John, yes.


6 acres of land that might become open for development on New Bern. I guess the DMV HQ is slated to move in 2020.


The article says community leaders are concerned about losing the jobs from the area, but I think I’d be much more excited for the prospect of what would most likely come in the wake of the DMV’s move. Assuming the State has no other use for the land, they should sell it to a private developer, and that kind of investment could be transformative for the area.

Also, I went inside the DMV building in question two weeks ago and was not impressed. I will be all the more happy when it’s gone.


Absolutely. A mixed use project could bring much needed retail and services to a very walkable neighborhood currently lacking in that area.