South Street area Condos and Townhomes

Icehouse looked like it was a gas station before it was an icehouse, so leaking underground gas tanks and the associated migrating plume seem like obvious environmental costs.

Nothing terribly new but I dropped a blog post on this project. Here’s the link as well as the map from the site plan.

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The blog post says that these are 3 story buildings but these renders show 4. I actually like the contemporary elevations of these buildings. It appears that there may be a rooftop terrace on one of the buildings per the elevation. I hope that’s true.

This was a very big issue in my neighborhood (Boylan Heights) last year.

Here’s the N&O story on the greenway path change, and the neighborhood’s opposition to it.

We had discussed the issue with Councilwoman Crowder at our neighborhood’s May 2017 meeting. At that time she informed us that planning staff had approved the original plans accidently because the maps they referenced for the approval didn’t include the stream. She told us it was too late for them to require changes. My assumption is the had to add this easement since they’re redoing the plans and the neighborhood’s objections made sure planning realized the stream was there. That’s a big over simplification, but I’m sure we’ll get more details later on.

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That intersection is going to need some work. Turning left from South st onto Saunders st is almost impossible during rush hour.

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It’s going to be nice when they finally get these built along with the “brownstones”(2 five unit buildings) at the corner of Dorthea and South Saunders, the completion of the new Raleigh Architecture office, the renovations of Dusty’s and Vault beer and maybe some useful retail in the two open spots at the new storage building. Granted all of that could take years, but it will be nice when it’s finally done.

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I used to drive through there every day and am curious…is it people coming down the hill from Boylan and heading up to Lake Wheeler making the turn you described difficult? I take it there isn’t a left turn arrow?

Yes, you will sit there waiting to take the left onto Saunders and about the time it turns green (solid) the cars coming down from Boylan will arrive and thus one or maybe two cars will be able to turn left before the light turns.

I really thought my commute would be better once South street was done but it’s much worse now. Coming into downtown the single lane to cross over Dawson creates long backups so it takes at least two cycles during rush hour.

I feel bad for the folks on Saunders that live between Cabarrus and Lenoir since it’s a tight one way and that’s the fastest route to get to Lake Wheeler road. I though the South st. improvements would make it easier to turn right on South from Dawson.

I’m not sure how the traffic engineers made it worse and it’s going to get real bad once those condos are finished.

Same thing on the Citrix site. They were unearthing all kinds of junk.

Check out this rendering on the Raleigh Architecture Co website.


Prior to the existence of South Saunders, Lake Wheeler (Rhamkatte Rd in those days) tied in at West St. Looking over a map, if Heritage Park were ever reworked, I think you could still drop West St down through there (like it used to), under Western, and align with Lake Wheeler, so you’d have a nice parallel route through downtown from Wade, under the tracks at Union soon hopefully, and on to Lake Wheeler. Seems like that would fix a lot in and around there, including getting some traffic off Boylan.

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fyi, this was done before they reworked them to condos. I’m hoping they retain this look though.

Anyone heard of any updates with this? I’m wondering if they’re waiting until their other project, West + Lenoir, down the street is complete.

I actually wonder if they are waiting on the Raleigh Architecture Office to be completed right next to the site or if now that they are changing the South Street project to condos if they’re going to try and pre-sell some of them first or at least take deposits. I’m not sure how that works with condo projects.

Stewart Engineering was out a week ago marking up Dorthea Drive which runs behind the dirt pit would the need to mark utilities a street away? There’s a sidewalk project that is planned for that street along with the 4th Ward Brownstones which will go in between the new Raleigh Architecture office and Dorthea Drive along S. Saunders so maybe its for that.

I just hope they start construction eventually, I’m tired of looking at the dirt and the construction fencing actually makes it a dangerous intersection if you’re trying to cross South walking up Saunders towards downtown.

I talked to a Stewart employee a few months ago on Dorothea and he said they were fixing the culvert for the stream there. I forgot about the brownstones. Hopefully they were there for both projects :crossed_fingers:

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I think the brownstones won’t start until Caraleigh Commons is complete which could be a while. But I keep hoping they start them sooner.

I think West+Lenoir was done by JDavis, not Raleigh Architecture Co. (Unless by “they” you were referring to the developer, about which I have no idea).

Raleigh Architecture is doing the adjacent Fairweather.

Well Lambert is the developer of it and they are also the developer for 611 W South, and they appear to be using Raleigh Architecture for 611 since there was a short lived rendering on the RA website so I personally assumed they were used for West+Lenoir too…but I am not sure.

I think West+Lenoir was done by Concept 8, unless I’m misunderstanding how these things get developed.

Regardless, maybe there’s just too much going on over here right now. I forgot about the Fairweather, which looks like it’s about 25% sold already.

Concept 8 seems to be the contractor. JDavis is the architect.

@Mark, yup, the rendering for 611 W South is still there on RA’s website. Curiously, I don’t see The Fairweather anywhere, which is strange because the scale of that project will be a game-changer for their portfolio.

Between these three projects, that area is going to be unrecognizable in a couple years.