South Street area Condos and Townhomes

It’s actually a very reasonable option to have a single car family if you live downtown as well. And with that, we rarely use our car with 2 people in the household. Even without COVID-19, my wife works 2 miles away and has ridden a bike and walked before.


Sounds about right to me. When you add it all up and include the cost of living, this area is great. The water at the beach is even warm enough to swim in! Summer is still a little humid for this CA boy though. :smile:


I grew up in Los Gatos. My parents had a 4bedroom house built new in 1965 for $21,000. Chew on that a while!

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Same for a lot of my friends’ parents. Alas my parents were renters not buyers!

And my parents sold out and transferred to Raleigh before the silicon valley RE boom. At that time, Raleigh’s housing was higher than SJ because NYers were pushing the market higher.

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According to their website, the Lynde is down to ONE unit under contract.

No surprise to me. The only surprising thing to me would be if it sold out. I don’t think that this project will go forward.

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The vacant building next to Boulted is being renovated. Some kind of retail/collaboration/bar/event space? #allthebuzzwords. Sounds like rooftop patio might be in the works.


All the things! Looking forward to the transformation.

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Here’s their website: Nice share!


I hope they keep that historical metal gate over the door. :imp::laughing:

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I know the owners of this property. The family has been in the area for generations and they’re very invested in the community.


I’m sorry but the economics won’t work for a single story building on such a prime parcel. This needs to be 50 story luxury high rise with amenities and all that stuff that people require these days. I’m sorry, its just not going to work.

Thanks for the share! I’ve had my eye on what might happen to this building / property (sooo much green space…). If this shakes out the way it’s conceived, there are some very interesting events and pop-up opportunities possible. Probably ends up earning its ROI on events but converting that building into a multi-form retail endeavor should be able to play well as this area continues to morph. Very cool to see.


FINALLY! Been waiting for that building to turn into something other than vacant for years

This just came out last week. Looks like They Lynde is ramping up marketing. Hope it works out for them. Here’s the new you tube video.


I can’t get over the stick build. Doors are cool. Not going to get me over the stick build. And why do they keep showing One Glenwood? That’s not even close to this development.

Stick build. :nauseated_face:


I’m guessing that’s where the sales office is located?

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Do you think that they are cutting costs so a stadium is also built ?