South Street area Condos and Townhomes

The retail space in the 4 story building is very smol.

The 7 story building being west of Heritage Park, should set the absolute floor in terms of height and density for anything and everything that is built in the Heritage Park redevelopment.

In all, this is a fantastic transition from the higher intensity development of downtown, to the lower intensity of Boylan Heights, and also helps to bridge the gap from Downtown to Dix Park. C’est magnifique!


Jake will be sad though. He loves parking decks that stick out


The density of new residents here is going to create more demand for the connection of West St. under the tracks to get to grocery stores and other resources that lie north.


I like how each building has a unique look - especially the arches of Bldg A. 7 floors here will feel huge - hopefully adds a lot of street activity and activates more of the storefronts on the north side of the street too.


Omg so excited for more unaffordable homes to sell to transplants from NY and CA and DC.


Sounds like there’s people who can afford them, then. I’m glad too.


There’s transplants from DC??

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Well, obviously those folks from NY and CA and DC are smarter than us if they’ve figured out how to own rental apartments.


The only way to keep rents from going higher? More apartments.

It’s a bigger city, in a city - there is more opportunity, there is also more competition (for everything: businesses, jobs, houses, apartments, cars, etc). If you want low rent, move to a small town with less opportunity and less competition.


are there any affordable housing requirements with this build?

Market rate housing is good actually. Here’s why Noahpinion: Yuppie Fishtanks: YIMBYism explained without "supply and demand"


Not really

Did you read this article yourself? There’s literally a heading at the bottom that says “The Solution: increase supply”…


Noahpinion is great. Long time reader

Hopefully some of you can attend the “Saturday on South Party” on July 20. See more on the City’s web page.
Topics will be the proposed closing of South street for the relocation of the Red Hat Amp.


I will be there will bells on.


make sure to take notes, the board will want to here all the news!!

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Ah, don’t get too excited. The new owner - same as the old owner but with a different name - is one of these multilayered LLC owned by LLC owned by LLC at the address of another LLC that people use for real estate speculation when they don’t want anyone to know who they are and want to put multiple layers of liability between themselves and anything that might happen on an unmonitored piece of vacant property that is going to remain vacant and unmonitored for the forseeable future.

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Wish they would daylight the creek that runs between the two buildings. This could be a greenway that connects downtown to Dix some day.


There was supposed to be a greenway here that continued north and would have ended at Platform. We even passed a bond for it in 2012.

I think the city said there’s a significant grade change that precludes cheap construction of a greenway here, especially if this property is developed, which it will be. And another key property owner along the route was opposed, so I’m pretty sure it’s dead.