State of Downtown Raleigh

The page on residential numbers is pretty eye opening. There’s close to 2900 units currently under construction and close to 7000 units planned or proposed.

Living | SOD 2023 | Downtown Raleigh, NC


This article was published based on the SoDR:

More push for a grocery store on the eastern side of downtown for those that can’t read it:

If the proposed and planned projects in the development pipeline are completed, the demand for retail in Downtown Raleigh could rise as more residents move in. That creates the need for a third grocery store, the Downtown Raleigh Alliance says.

“A new supermarket could be located along the eastern edge of downtown where there are more than 15 residential communities that currently need to walk more than 10 minutes to reach existing supermarkets,” the report says.

Downtown Raleigh has two grocery stores – a Publix located in Smoky Hollow that opened in 2020 and Weaver Street Market in the Warehouse District, which opened in 2019.


Using the same estimated ratio of housing to new DT residents, the pipeline will increase downtown population by 13,000. That’s pretty substantial and should spark more neighborhood retail and services.


Or said another way: that will increase downtown residents by more than 50% over current numbers. That is huge.


Not sure if the nearly 10k new units are downtown proper or within a mile or ???
What are you saying is our current DT population?

I was basing it on the number I’ve seen recently that is ~20k residents within a mile of the city center.


Gotcha. That 1 mile radius actually extends beyond dt proper in places.

Probably means that it’s more than a 50% increase in downtown proper then.

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For perspective Austin had 4,222 people in its downtown in 1990, 7,635 in 2010, and 13,648 as recently as 2020.

They’re obviously increasing that but Raleigh is keeping pace.


What is the actual size of Austin’s DT vs DTR?


Best that I can find is 1100 acres or 1.72 square miles.
I think that we are 1.18 square miles.


" How big is Downtown Austin?

For reference, Downtown Austin is typically defined as the 1,100-acre area between Lady Bird Lake and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard."

“The area regarded as downtown Raleigh today currently spans approximately 754 acres”


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