What's the best building in downtown Raleigh?

I am going to guess - Rock Quarry Rd.

Surprised no one has mentioned the masterpiece that is the State Legislative building…


That must be it! lol.
The Legislative Bldg . . . hmm.

I like the Legislative Building too. It’s pretty neat inside, unless you have to go into an office. :roll_eyes:

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I forgot to use my sarcasm font.

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I actually do like the legislative building. I just don’t like what happens inside of it.
I also like the Capitol, the Governor’s Mansion, SECU/Nature Research complex, Capital Bank, & the BB&T building. I’m not a fan of Skyhouse, PNC, and Wachovia Center in particular.


The sarcasm font was off, but the force was strong in that one. The Legislative bldg was designed by they guy who did the Kennedy Center in DC. Both flat roofs have had problems. But I think they are holding up well for their age and are among the better examples of design from the early 70s. But then I am pretty easy to please as long as its not brutalist.


Christ Church and Sacred Heart Church are two really neat structures. From a more recent perspective, the round Holiday Inn and the SECU building have a uniqueness to them in a sea of blandness.

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One Glenwood, PNC tower, SECU tower, the Dillon

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Both of these churches are fantastic buildings. The floor in Sacred Heart is really fantastic, and of course the timbers in Christ. Raleigh does such a large number of fine buildings, both old and new - we are probably lucky that the true boom in Raleigh came pretty late in the town’s history so that many fine old buildings survive.


For me it’s the Dillon. It’s a very compact and dense structure the houses everything that a building needs in downtown, apartments, retail, office space, and parking. Plus it has definitely become the face of the Warehouse District and has led the area into a new era and life!


Here’s my tier list of Raleigh’s modern towers (50s onwards). I’m sure there will be some strong disagreements.

A - Hannover II, Skyhouse, Capital Bank, Progress I (these really carry Raleigh)
B - PNC, Wells Fargo, Quorum, FNB probably, West at North (good overall)
C - Progress II, The Dillon, Charter Square, SECU (tasteful, but too long on one side, or some weird feature)
D - Wake County Justice Center, One Glenwood, Sheraton, Residence Inn, Hannover I (fills space but nothing special)
E - Archdale Building, Wake County Courthouse, Clarion, Convention Center Marriott, Glenwood Towers (we’d be better off without)
F - Wake County Public Safety Center (we’d be much better off without)

Normally there’s an S-tier above A-tier for things that are just awesome… I don’t think Raleigh has anything that belongs there though.


@bamaspam Rock Quarry Rd doesn’t start until south of Davie St. It is Tarboro Rd north of Davie. So it was named after the quarry (as was Quarry St) but it wasn’t built for the quarrying operation per se. I do have a gap in what I know, but the existing Parrish Estate on what is now Roberts Park, must have had a driveway off a main road, probably New Bern (Gatling St was the driveway by 1871 on the Drie map). The quarry was directly behind Hunter Elementary so its possibly the older driveway of the Parish estate became what is now Tarboro Rd with a mule drawn railway on it (Milburnie Rd was the original road to Tarboro FYI) that turned up New Bern straight to the capital. I live on Pettigrew, and sort of related, I find trolley track parts all of the time in my yard from the line that used to come up Martin St and ended at an old baseball field between Tarboro and Pettigrew. I doubt they are from the quarry tracks but I suppose there is a 1% chance they are…but I know for a fact the later trolley was on Pettigrew so am pretty sure its from that line.
As for buildings, favorite overall… probably the Mahler Building on Fayetteville St. For later stuff it would have been Garland Jones but since its gone I suppose Quorum based solely on stand alone lines, but Dillon for urban form. I also love the old capital Club Building and that is partly because I love the upfit done with Luchows old stuff in Cap Club 16’s space.