121 Fayetteville - 30 Story Office

A new Kane proposal for the core of downtown. Like right next to the State Capital building.

Similar to Kane’s office tower rising in North Hills with a glass tower on a parking pedestal. Of course it looks awesome and all that. No idea what kind of tenant line up they might have in store to get this thing going.

It makes sense that the great success in the other new office projects filling up so quickly are behind this.


It’s going to cast a shadow on the capital. Will never get approved…


This is being discussed under the Fayetteville Street Developments - #4 thread. @dtraleigh maybe they should be combined? Is this anything more than the website currently?

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I don’t think this is a Kane Proposal. As of right now, they are only a leasing contact.

Correct. Kane will just manage the property. It is actually being developed by pacapts.com

@OakCityDylan good point. I used the search but didn’t see this topic in that thread. It looks like the topic is covered well there so this thread could be merged or closed. Although it’s a big enough project to merit its own thread once it seems to have some legitimacy.

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I’m going to close this thread. When there is any kind of formal anything (announcement, site plan submission, anything) we’ll reopen this dedicated thread on the topic.