2019 - Actual, Bigger, and Better Downtown


As we count down to the end of 2018 and Looking towards 2019, what are Your hopes…ideas…dreams and insight for the new year. Better affordable housing…more jobs coming to the DTR area Much needed and improved Transit…more Sports and Entertainment venue including a New Stadium Downtown…etc.? Our Local city…county…state leaders coming together to make Wake Co. and DTR a better place to shine. ( maybe )… ??? :roll_eyes::slightly_smiling_face::unamused::slightly_smiling_face: let’s focus more on what DTR can and should do for everyone that makes DTR ( Raleigh ) Home. :relaxed:

2019 - Actual Downtown

I’d love to see the NC History Museum make some progress on their long-stalled expansion. I’d also like to see the science museum start thinking about their next move. I’d also like some of these hotels and other developments to finally break ground and some new and different architecture to be seriously proposed for some of the smaller lots. More townhouses proposed for the periphery of DTR and proposals for new commercial districts outside the downtown core, like on the BRT routes. And as a many developments proposed for existing surface lots as we can possibly muster.


I mean this as a companion thread to Maverick’s, not an attempt to troll him.

I welcome the other ideas of what could (and should) be downtown. I’d also like to see if we could recap all of the projects that should be getting completed, getting underway, or making significant progress during the coming year.


Hopefully we’ll be seeing the Edison, 301H, Two Glenwood and 400H all rising out of the ground. Potentially even the RUS bus facility. Wouldn’t be surprised 2019 is crane heavy.


Don’t forget phase two of Smokey Hollow — that’s planned to break ground in the summer. And the Courtyard by Marriott on the Enterprise lot is also supposedly going to start in the fall/winter. With all of the other hotel proposals nearby, I wouldn’t be surprised to see movement on at least one of the three projects on the block south of Nash Square. And perhaps the Willard will progress at some point, too.

All in all, 2019 is shaping up to be a pretty good year for development. And we never know what other projects might crop up in the meantime.


What should be downtown? Well, everything that is currently in the five districts and the downtown element boundary should remain. Downtown should extend southward along S. Saunders to its connection with McDowell, and along S. Wilmington to the Cargill site.


The West street corridor will really start to take shape. From Smokey Hollow to 400H to the second phase of the Union Station project. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more projects announced. I think the property just north of Citrix on West street between Morgan and Hillsboro is a strong candidate for redevelopment.


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Construction I want to start in 2019:
301 Hillsborough
Two Hillsborough
RUS Bus Facility
Smokey Hollow Phase 2
Willard Hotel
One of the Nash Square Hotels
Enterprise Lot Hotel


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I would like for the downtown +2 miles area to start thinking like Minneapolis. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/13/us/minneapolis-single-family-zoning.html


I would want to see more businesses headquarters to come downtown like Pendo and Advanced Auto Parts, as well as seeing more projects that’ll grow the skyline. FNB is really the only building recently that’s gonna change the skyline.


If 301H or 400H start in 2019 - those will definately be in the top 10 for DTR height.


Would those plans include from projects that stalled or didn’t make the cut…like the Reynolds Tower,or the soleil center that was to be built near Crabtree, i think that was for financial problems, if I understand that, it has been a while.


Big question mark is the N&O site. I am suprised we haven’t heard anything since spring 2018


Hopefully the N&O site doesn’t become one of those cookie cutter apartment buildings or a cookie cutter hotel. I want to see that site bring something big and unique to the Raleigh area, and even North Carolina. I’ve lived here my whole life and would want to see the skyline grow more and more. N&O has that potential and I hope the developers that own it do something nice with the land.


Interesting read from the year 2014. Raleigh is on the right track but it will take more time to create the brand associated with peer cities like Austin, Nashville, Denver, Portland for young people.
How can we create/shape Raleigh’s identity?


First… Raleigh is not very well known like other cities, for instance, when you think of Nashville you think of, music city, or Denver, you got the Broncos, Houston, the oilers and astros, so finding that niche for Raleigh is a bit rough. "a great place to raise a family ", is not going to cut it. City leaders need to really get out of their comfort zone and start thinking big, I’m trying so hard not to compare Charlotte and Raleigh but, I guess I have to, aside from the Panthers and NASCAR, Charlotte is pretty much known. Raleigh has to think of having major league teams and attractions that can bring in the Dollars. College sports is not enough, so is Soccer, not saying that it’s bad just not enough. I may be wrong,.


I’ve been screaming this for years. Paying attention to the city’s brand is of utmost importance. It’s also important to toot one’s horn. We have to stop being complacent and satisfied with the status quo.


Kinda flying under the radar, but one of the closest things to a sure thing for 2019 would be some height coming to the east half of the block at 215 N Dawson. The current landowner is wanting to consolidate some offices there (130,000 sf) and solicited developers to add some other uses on top of their office component. I think they announce which developer they selected in early 2019 at which point they expect to submit for rezoning for more density (current zoning DX-12-UG).