2nd Tier Office Space Around DTR

I am starting a new job tomorrow for a company that has its office in the Pilot Mill. New year new me haha! The company I am leaving had an office near Lake Johnson that was already just a little too far for me (had to buy a Ebike to make it work), but then they moved out to right next to the airport. So, a big part of my job search was looking for something more downtown/downtown adjacent. I have not seen a list of the office options that are a step down from owning or leasing a significant portion of a tall building around downtown, and thought this could be a cool place to list those. Seems like an overlooked area/topic that is actually really important for the ecosystem of growing companies and tallent here.

Here are the ones that come to my mind after looking for an applying to a number of jobs at smaller tech companies over the last few months.

  • Pilot Mill
  • The Truist Building (a couple start up-ish companies have office space there)
  • 1 Gleenwood/WeWork (I liked a company called Qualtrics that is growing an office there)
  • Gateway Plaza - Saw a few companies who listed their regional offices out of there
  • I also thought the office that SingleStore set up just to the right of CrankArm was really cool. Taking over a smaller old building to put in their innovation center seemed like a really cool story that I didn’t hear much about when it happened. Love the idea of companies doing stuff like that.
  • I also saw some companies with offices in what to me seemed like nondiscript space near the Carolina Ale house on Glenwood South.

What other places are filling startup/regional offices smaller spaces around DTR?


My last company has much of the 2nd floor office space facing Glenwood S/Johnson above Glenwood Social Club (was Southern Charred). I was going to mention that space as well as the office space in the Creamery.

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My company has some office space at 400 W Morgan St (above Ugly Monkey). As a matter of fact, we are trying to sublease it if you know anyone who is interested. Great location. Fully furnished.

400 W Morgan St Brief.pdf (2.0 MB)