330 W Hargett - Legends block now DX-40

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TBJ is reporting that the Legends block is going to submit a request for rezoning to DX-40.

CityPlat bought the property in November '20 for $4.3m. It’s suggested the rezoning will include conditions that would limit it to less than 40 actual stories but they want to see what they can do with the property if given the extra height.

Neighborhood meeting scheduled for February 10, 2021.

“New development won’t happen anytime soon” and “the plan to rezone will not change the agreement with Legends to keep the club in place for the time being”.


A stiff breeze might blow over a 40 story building that tall and skinny


High rise housing would be spectacular in that location with the low-rise Hue next door, Nash Sq. just beyond that, and the very core of the skyline dead center.
If I remember correctly, part of Legends’ owners agreement to sell is a requirement that they find a way to stay in the neighborhood, right?


Run of the mill 40-story condo tower with say 160 units at $400,000-$1,000,000 a unit should net a neat profit. Too bad that’s never happening with local developers.

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Probably not. There’s a tower of luxury condos in Manhattan that’s just shy of 60 feet wide in its shortest side.

The shortest side of the Legend’s building (even with its front parking lot intact) is 80ft wide. So practical problems aside, you could do it.

I don’t know, but I hope that’s the case! If there was a list of reasons guaranteed to make my classmates at UNC go out to downtown Raleigh, (even if they weren’t gay) Legends would easily make the top 3. They’re too culturally important to lose, if you ask me.


A few years ago (and in a very roundabout way!), I fielded a call regarding redevelopment options for Legends. They wanted to hear about examples of new-build residential above a nightclub and were pretty adamant about staying in some form.

An ideal residential tower is <60’ deep; apartments are fairly shallow since people like to have windows in their rooms. The bigger geometry problem is, as always, parrrrrrking: 60’ is only wide enough for a single drive aisle.

(I just now realize that I’ve never been to Legends, having moved away from Raleigh at 17, and mostly returning to visit my family.)


These folks will get the upzone approved to 40 and sell it for another 5 mil, nothing happening on that spot for many years. Too bad Kane didn’t buy it.

So, Capital Corral is long gone after Art Sperry sold out. White Rabbit, the same. A few others have tried and died. Now, Legends. Whither goest Flex? Who knows.

But, I shouldn’t cast aspersions since Danny and I haven’t been there in over three years. Things change.


Yep, a developer in the future will buy the Hue and this property and look to build something with the right proportions.


nice and fat and squatty, just like we like them.


The parking podium could use the whole site (~100’x200’), cap it with an amenity deck and then the residential tower rise above that at whatever dimensions.

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I may be in the minority, but hope the Hue stays as is. I appreciate when a building actually adds some COLOR to the streetscape


I doubt that it goes anywhere anytime soon. It’s too new and it’s a concrete structure.

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But 100’ isn’t wide enough for a multilevel garage; you need closer to 120’. A single parking aisle is ~60’ wide, and a multilevel garage requires at least two aisles so cars can drive around.

“In order to develop a reasonably efficient free-standing parking structure, the minimum dimensions needed are about 122 feet in width by 155 feet in length” [Boise parking design guidebook]

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Maybe they have more money and can afford to build an underground parking deck

Check out the garage for 222 Glenwood.

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I’m just going to leave this right here. Snippet from the neighborhood meeting regarding this rezoning request.


Planning commission recommended approval on this rezoning request.


Generic ABC11 article over this lot and the Nexus Lot. Nothing really of note except this extremely lame quote. “ I would hate to have a 40-story building behind me blocking out the beauty of the blue sky, the trees and the greenery," Meehan said.

Also a…Umm interesting quote about parking ….Lambert said he hopes the developments will improve parking. “We have customers calling every day; calling, ‘Where can we park?’ and I say, ‘That’s a good question,’” Lambert said….


I choked when I saw this on the news earlier. Ample parking is available literally everywhere in downtown.