5G Network in Raleigh

Isn’t Raleigh planning on implementing 5G?

Interesting. I wonder what vendor we might see. Probably not a chi-com one.
Perhaps Ericsson?

The telecom companies would implement this, not the city. I don’t know if they would share the infrastucture, but in some cities where this has been deployed in a pilot mode, they have not shared and have different speeds etc. I was reading the frequency spectrum is the same as an airport scanner. I don’t know the risks involved, it sounds like something to study. btw, does he look like he just rolled out of bed or is it just me?

I can say for sure that the 5g rollout is causing all sorts of problems for over the air TV. Yes some of use still depend on antenna for our TV. Have had to do multiple re-scans to find new channels/frequencies for stations. I have lost some stations due to reduced coverage on new frequencies and others that have not replaced their broadcast antenna (to work best at new frequencies) due to cost and scheduling installers. Not may people like climbing 1500ft towers for work. All so people can have more devices that for some reason have to be connected to internet (often just for tracking and collecting information on you not that device needs it) and want to do so via cell and not through a in-house wired router. Also for watching you-tube and streaming on a little bitty screen ???

OK guess enouh for my Monday morning grumpness - :frowning_face:

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I’ve heard some people saying 5G is going to cause issue with weather forecasting/radar due to the spectrum it will inhabit. One of those things I meant to read up on but instead I come on here and waste time and hope someone else will do it and explain it to me :joy::joy:

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There is a whistling in the dark summery from a kind of long news report on G5 and weather radar.

“Could there be problems down the road? Sure. But we may be years if not decades off from that — and by then we may have moved on to yet another next-generation technology. But for now, your meteorologist has nothing to fear.”


I’m also wasting time, but a quick Google and here we go!

Acting NOAA Administrator Neil Jacobs at a May 16 House Science Committee hearing describing the impacts of a “77% data loss from passive microwave sounders that weather satellites use to detect water vapor” caused by 5G interference:

This would degrade the forecast skill by up to 30%. If you look back in time to see when our forecast skill was roughly 30% less than it was today, it’s somewhere around 1980. This would result in the reduction of hurricane track forecasts’ lead time by roughly two to three days.

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Is this the same NOAA expert analysis that corroborated Trump’s “Sharpie Forecast” for hurricane Dorian to greatly damage Alabama? :nerd_face:


I think it’s the one that was used to cancel school for 2 days.


Raleigh and Cary testbeds for 5G - $24M investment

North Carolina State University will lead the development and deployment of the technology locally, with initial test sites in Raleigh and Cary.


The WiFi at Hunt library is already insane!