865 W Morgan Street (former Goodnight's)

This just popped up on the Wire bot. Am I the only one who missed this project? I will hate to see Goodnight’s Comedy go. Hope they find another location.


Looks like the same apartments planned for Park City South. I wonder which developer got the discount :slight_smile:


Yea, it looks pretty bad IMO. Really hoping I’m wrong about Goodnight’s… according to Google, their address is 861 W Morgan, so maybe this is going in behind/beside their building.

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I hadn’t seen this yet. While I hate to see goodnights go, this is a much better use of the land. Maybe goodnights can be incorporated into the retail or move nearby.

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Nah, you aren’t wrong. That’s the Goodnight’s lot if you look at the site plan in the submittal. I wonder how loud it’s going to be next to those tracks? If my recollection is correct, at least the tracks are well below site grade at that point. It might help with noise.

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Umm… they can’t figure out how to make the building work on 2.2 acres without tearing down Goodnights? :roll_eyes:


This is the part that caught my eye:
Is this only the building behind Goodnight’s (in the middle of the parking area) or is this both of the buildings. Not sure of the size of either of the two buildings on this property.

Then again… this image looks like the new building sits right on top of the Goodnight’s building along Morgan Street.

I hear ya, but they identify all of the property in the submittal.

Making the building work is a piece of cake. It’s the 513 parking spaces that are the sticking point. That’s a lot of parking spaces! Interestingly, they were required to have only 385 spaces. People just love their cars, though.

Quibbles aside, though, I am thrilled to see 401 residential units, plus retail space going up here. Hopefully they knock down that prison soon, and then these units could end up with some pretty fantastic views.


Thrilled? At this location? Kinda meh to me.

I’d rather have the 216 and 135 apartments at 400H and Raleigh Crossing Phase 2, respectively.


Yeah, great spot for 400+ apartments, but come on. These big parking decks are killer. Even given that, it’s a big site- they should be able to find a way to keep Goodnight’s. Would be pretty sad to see that go.

Also, strange to have an Administrative Site Review complete with renderings, but not a site plan.

The city has, in the past, considered extending the north-south stretch of Morgan over the tracks. Wonder if this plan will forever foreclose on that possibility.


IMO this is a real shame. I think the Goodnight’s building is a very cool historic building and I hate to see it demolished for another overly long generic apartment complex. Raleigh has so few older buildings with character that each one that is torn down is a significant loss.

It is cool that there will be more residents in the city and I support more density, but ugh at tearing down all the texture in town for these multifamily widgets.


I’d be absolutely gutted to see Goodnights go. This isn’t just another generic 20th century building; it’s got a bit of unique character for Raleigh, and converting the adjacent building to retail could give it a real sense of place. It would not be hard to work around it and keep the character of the few historic storefronts on that street. What a damn waste.


Agreed. I would prefer to have them incorporate this building into the development. Instead, it’s more likely that we are going to get a podium + stick built piece of crap.


100% agreed @elevatoroperator.

I’m slightly surprised there isn’t any protection for this over 90 year old building.

Does anyone know if the Raleigh Historic Development Commission might be able to do something about this?


Problem is - it is hard to create a preservation ordinance with teeth that can protect what deserves protecting, without also being hijacked by NIMBYs.

I would hope that developers would realize that if they take this too far, and make a habit of tearing down beloved institutions like Charlie Goodnight’s, that this will turn people against the YIMBY council - their bonanza will be over, and the next council will remap the entire town down to R-4 to make literally every developer come crawling before council for permission to build.

The big steaming pile of parking deck at Park City was my first inkling that this might be in our city’s future, but this is cementing it further.

We are witnessing the downside of a permissive development regime. Developers are finding loopholes.

We need to shore up our regulations and get them watertight to ensure what gets built is actually what we want.


Uhhhhh yeah, who do we write to about shutting this shit down? What the fuck is wrong with developers in this city. Tear down everything and anything that actually adds character and interesting entertainment options to our city to build these excruciatingly generic and samey apartment mega blocks with ridiculously expensive retail space that will either not be filled for another 5 years or will get filled with generic chain garbage. This absolutely pisses me off more than any of the BS that’s been proposed in a long time. Goodnights is a comedy institution and known around the country, and it’s Raleigh’s only true comedy club. Not to mention that the building itself is very old and interesting looking and should be protected. If anyone has a pointer on who we can email to bitch about this, I’d be happy to send some very angry emails.


I have never been to Goodnights, but I have passed by that building a bunch and always found it interesting architecturally. Would be a real shame to loose it. Surely they can incorporate, or build around it somehow.

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Great place…and everyone needs a good laugh. I really hope they can build around this building instead of slapping up another box apartment wrapping around a parking deck.


I have been there more times than I could recall - they attract some great shows, and our local comedy scene is and has been stellar. I used to do the open mic every Tuesday and always had a blast, and the audience has only grown more and more with each year. Without Goodnights, simply put, we don’t have a local comedy scene as robust as we do now… nor do we have a comedy scene in general. Remove Goodnights, and all the great comedians that have come through our city will no longer - or they will all go to the “Raleigh” Improv which is a horribly generic giant corporate owned comedy club wayyyyy out in bumfuck Cary in a strip mall anchored by a Hobby Lobby - no joke. Goodnights is one of the few remaining area small-scale comedy clubs that actually feel like a classic comedy club. It would be an immense loss of culture for Raleigh.