Amazon HQ2 Downtown?


Well, we can say again, that Apple and Amazon each already have hundreds of workers in NC. Retail stores, immense data centers. And more to come.


Amazon’s PAC just invested a bunch of money into our local elections.


Interestinge, how is this to be confirmed?


10. North Carolina: $37,000

Amazon PAC’s top Carolina donation went to the congressional campaign of Republican Mark Meadows ($8,500).

Raleigh’s HQ2 bid has not been disclosed.


For the uninformed, that is Mark “Freedom Caucus” Meadows. A head scratcher to say the least…


Isn’t Amazon putting a distribution center in Garner? Is that the area this congressman represents?


Meadows is western NC minus Asheville and Boone. He is about as far right as right can go.


This is from the “With Honor” PAC that funds the campaigns of military veterans. I wouldn’t look too deeply in to this as some kind of intent to locate HQ2 here.

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More signs pointing to northern VA.


Well maybe this will finally break the inertia on Apple and its announcement.


Good for Crystal City!

I still wish that Amazon and Apple had both put Raleigh on a short-short list just for the attention that it brings, but oh well at least we where on one list for one time…:blush:


I don’t mind HQ2 going to NoVa. The more expensive that area gets, the more smaller companies might trickle down to Raleigh.


I believe we will see a lot move here. And it will add to the influx of people moving here for Jobs as well.


“Jobs” is capitalized.
Apple confirmed!


Do you have a source for this information?


I might be going out on a limb here but… I think he was joking :wink:


I think that Tenkai was referring to RobertB’s capitalization of “Jobs” in the sentence and not necessarily any announcement? Of course, I could and would love to be proven wrong?



It does make sense but as one of the other cities, I would be just a bit irritated after having put some much into my bid…but there you go and there you are…Lol