Amazon HQ2 Downtown?


If they split HQ2 between two cities then how is it possible for HQ2 to be treated as a co-equal HQ with Seattle as they initially stated? Is it possible Amazon is just screwing with all of us?


I saw on WRAL Noon News today that a State official was interviewed saying that the two Raleigh locations for Amazon were NC State Centennial Area & The South Gateway Plasa Area ! He said The Gateway Area had room for 2 or 3 Skyscrapers !


Not that it means that it’s going to happen, but having a dual city expansion probably plays as an advantage for the smaller markets like Raleigh.


It totally has room for towers. Look at post #7 in this thread that I did on May 31st. for an example.


I see it more likely as DC and then NY or Dallas. Makes more sense geographically if they are really going the 2 cities route. I’m still not sure why people kept talking like Raleigh was a likely possibility. It’s nice to be mentioned tho. Still waiting on Apple…


People talked about it because Amazon shortlisted the city. It’s as simple as that. It wasn’t that far fetched.


It was short listed, but not short, short listed…Lol
Also, I just don’t see what advantage Raleigh has over the remaining cities???


I never really understood this idea anyway. I mean, in today’s economy, what’s the real difference between a HQ and a major regional office, other than the C-level execs spend most of their time there? If the CFO is in Dallas, the COO is in DC and the CEO is in Seattle, does it really have a HQ?


Crystal City and Long Island City (Queens, NY). So it’s DC and NYC. These are oddly similar locations, located on subway lines across the water from the “heart” of both cities. Apparently “Amazon already has more employees in those two areas than anywhere else outside of Seattle, its home base, and the Bay Area.”


I have to say that it’s funny how the Washington Post brought “Crystal City” to light. (Pun intended) and the NYTimes has brought the “NYCity” option to o the forefront…:wink:

The N&O should do an article about how DTR is the real one to beat…Lol


The rich get richer it appears. Bezos had an opportunity to really make a huge impact in a smaller city like Raleigh or Austin, or Indy but instead is sending all these jobs to cities that frankly don’t need them. Amazon will blow up the micro area they are in: ie: Crystal City or Queens but let’s face it neither of these metros ‘need’ the extra jobs whereas Amazon would have been able to build another city in its own vision, gotten the governments to provide whatever they wanted like mass transit to their doorstep,etc. I’m taking my business today to Target. Screw Prime!


Actually, if Bezos was going to bring economic prosperity to a city that needs it, he would have chosen 20 other finalists including Detroit, Memphis, St. Louis, etc. Cities like Raleigh and Austin are very prosperous, only smaller markets. Amazon coming to either would only elevate them in scale.


Evidently the reason for splitting the offices was because they were concerned there wouldn’t be enough available tech workers in one metro, which makes sense to me. Assuming these reports are true, I can’t say I blame Amazon in the slightest. Bezos is going to do what he thinks is best for the company, as he should.

With or without Amazon or Apple, the Triangle is going to keep growing, and we still have a lot of issues (transit, affordability, equity, etc.) that we need to address.


The branding, that being included in the 20 finalist cities brings, is immense for Raleigh. Let’s keep the momentum, regardless of the outcome of this HQ2 chase.


It’s a business decision. Simple as that.


Another interesting aspect of this competition not to be overlooked is the vast amount of marketing data that Amazon has been given by the finalist cities.


So, can we now call this project Amazon HQ2/2?


Yay, it’s finally over. No Amazon for Raleigh. Now we can focus on more realistic goals and bring in medium sized companies that can fit in and not take over the entire town.

Congrats to NVA and NYC


Totally agree about Amazon HQ2…done and done :white_check_mark:
However and unfortunately for DTR specifically we have trouble just keeping the companies we have much less bringing in more, sadly.
So my hope and aspirations are simple:
Build on what we have, be greatful for what comes our way, and let the rest go…stop with the incentives for outside possibilities that most probably will never come and trust me, that is said with love and gobbs of experience! :blush::heart:


Does anyone know if our bid will be made public? During negotiations details were withheld (which left a bad taste in my mouth) but now that it’s over doesn’t the general public have a right to be apprised of what was promised? Decisions of huge import were made in our stead. I think we have a right to know.