Amazon HQ2 Downtown?


I’m guessing this whole hullabaloo is just Amazon threatening to take their ball and leave just to pressure some NYC politicians. They decided on Long Island City so long ago I doubt anything is going to cause them to waiver. So my prediction is this is much ado about nothing.
(Although for the record my predictions are almost always wrong)


Maybe, but Amazon also wants to go to a place that isn’t going to be extremely hostile to them. If this local movement keeps popular, there could be some regressive taxes put in place to essentially remove all the tax breaks. Now that doesn’t mean they are moving to Raleigh, but maybe just all in on DC or something


I think they’ll twist enough arms to get what they want bc no politician wants to have a campaign commercial cut against them saying they lost 25k worth of jobs. When push comes to shove the politicians fighting this will get their “concessions” for political cover and Amazon will get its incentives.


And this story was broken by the Washington Post, so my assumption is Amazon wanted it “leaked” to put pressure on the politicians, like @JosABanks said.


Saber rattling. Nothing more.


And the Amazon HQ2 saga…continues. ( duh…duh…DUH !!! ) :grin::grin::slightly_smiling_face:


While I don’t buy that Amazon is actually looking to leave NYC, if I’m an NC official I’m on the phone with anyone I can get to talk to me and re-pitching Raleigh as a replacement. With the knowledge of NoVA and Nashville in the picture, I’m stressing the fact that adding a Raleigh spoke to the HQ2 hub creates a compactness that Long Island City can’t offer. It’s unlikely to work but maybe they toss you a small operations center just to get you to shut up and go away.


There is definitely an angle where Amazon would still want an engineering operation in the Triangle. (Likely in Raleigh, just like their new downtown Nashville project).
Kind of like there’s still a chance for Apple to still move forward with some presence in RTP.


Oreally? And I don’t recall Nashville being a part of the picture?


Apparently it’s a 5000 worker hub


Looks like we were wrong. I wonder if they’ll restart the HQ2 process or if they’ll just use the info they got to open a new office without all the fanfare.


Amazon says they’ll just work with the campuses they have now. Prepare the flood of the NOVA transplants moving south. Too bad we don’t have jobs for them.