Amazon HQ2 Downtown?


You know, Raleigh now has both an airport and a train station worthy of a forward looking city.


Does anyone know the actual size (square miles) of the CBD’s of each of the 20 areas/cities? I think Raleigh’s is less than 1 mile? Also the size (square miles) of Seattle’s CBD?
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Happy 4th of July to “Ya’ll” ( Raleigh’s newest monicker! :blush:


Technically Amazon is just north of downtown Seattle proper but it’s so urbanized you can’t really tell.


Thank you Francisco!


And Boston’s HQ2 area is an old horse racing track that’s over 3 miles from the CBD called Suffolk Downs.


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Thank you! This actually makes me feel better about our chances…is that good or bad…Lol :wink:


I should probably have mentioned that Suffolk Downs also has two existing subway stops on an under-used subway line, which makes it a very attractive site.


Suffolk Downs also sits practically at sea level… I for one would not invest $5 billion dollars on any property located that close to the ocean if you have any understanding of the issues associated with climate change… That would be a no go for me, but it isn’t my money.

Also, it is in the direct flight path for Boston Logan Airport… that would limit building heights. Sorry Boston, thanks for playing. Please try again.


Those are both reasonable criticisms, though at 150 acres it wouldn’t need to build tall anyway. Coincedentally it’s about the same size as Spring Hill.

No city has a perfect location.


Agree, would not want to build at sea level, good luck with that if selected, in the long run, it will cost much more than $5B

Spring Hill is a great location, puts Amazon on top of a hill looking down on all and right on the edge of downtown, actually, will extend downtown limits!!!


And what a cool name, AMAZON at Spring Hill!!!


Pretty interesting video of how Amazon changed Seattle’s skyline over the past 3 years.


Damn that was a lot of building over just 3 years.


And they are decades overdue for a massive earthquake and tsunami that has the potential to devastate the city.


This is a good read on why Amazon’s Mega HQ2 might not be the best way to stimulate growth


Not sure if this was already shared, but here is some more speculation about the Amazon-SAS merger rumors…


Behind a paywall - at least for me.


Not in downtown, but it appears that Amazon will officially announce its 1500+ job warehouse in Garner tomorrow. This means very little regarding our chances for HQ2, but it’s still a major development.


Still great for the area especially for Garner which was growing “slower” than other Triangle towns.


Indeed. And especially given that the site has been empty since the explosion in 2009. This will be huge for the town. There really isn’t too much going on in this part of the county.