Army Future Command and It's Impact on DT Raleigh


So, I know if the Triangle is selected for Future Command, RTP will be its home, not DT Raleigh. However, I think we all need to take a second to think about the impact of Future Command on DT. I think this could have as big of a impact as Amazon or Apple on our downtown.

Just to give an example, the top 25 army contractors are the following: (Name)(Earnings)

|1|Oshkosh Truck Corp.|$6,002,080,699|4.11%|
|2|Raytheon Co.|5,975,394,243|4.09|
|3|General Dynamics Corp.|5,457,447,418|3.74|
|4|Boeing Co.|5,245,355,946|3.59|
|5|Lockheed Martin Corp.|5,232,059,841|3.58|
|6|KBR Inc.|4,641,065,467|3.18|
|7|Northrop Grumman Corp.|4,026,848,265|2.76|
|8|BAE Systems|3,607,004,069|2.47|
|9|AM General LLC|2,654,667,919|1.82|
|10|United Technologies Corp.|2,645,710,269|1.81|
|11|L-3 Communications Holdings|1,953,292,908|1.34|
|12|ITT Corp.|1,767,746,850|1.21|
|14|Finmeccanica Group|1,606,538,564|1.10|
|15|URS Corp.|1,533,721,973|1.05|
|16|Alliant Techsystems Inc.|1,506,076,392|1.03|
|17|General Motors Corp.|1,280,071,568|0.88|
|18|CACI International Inc.|1,033,792,716|0.71|
|19|Honeywell Inc.|984,060,788|0.67|
|20|Computer Sciences Corp.|952,872,871|0.65|
|21|Hensel Phelps Construction Co.|908,129,294|0.62|
|22|General Electric Co.|899,290,854|0.62|
|23|Shaw Group Inc.|878,899,705|0.60|
|24|Mantech International Corp.|816,393,354|0.56|
|25|Textron Inc.|801,756,672|0.55|

Everyone of these is going to have to open at least a small regional HQ to have access to Futures Command. There is a good chance a few of these will open up something quite bigger though. that is going to impact both office space and housing DT.

Oh and they announce tomorrow!


Thanks for bringing this back into focus @RobertB. I am looking forward to hearing the news and hope it is good.


N&O Article on Futures Command Announcement


Interesting topic, I’ve heard about the potential of this happening but am not too familiar with it. Thanks for adding for discussion.

Looking at the top 5 on that list, 4 of the 5 already have locations in the state and the 5th (Boeing) has 185 employees in the state (according to their propaganda). Not to say that there won’t be growth, but they already have locations in the state (which explains why we’re in the running).

Great news if it happens, will certainly have a strong impact on our city. Thanks again for posting. Looking forward to that announcement.


The presence is limited to all of the top 5 in the Triangle. Oshkosh is just a truck service station in Fayetteville. They will need more regional office space.


It’ll be interesting to see what kind of collaboration and opportunities the Army will allow with universities and the startup scene (and how integrated they will be with the Triangle at large), too, if (hopefully!!) they choose RTP.

It does make me wonder how some people in the region may take this, though, since most major industries around here are civilian-focused. I talk about development things with my friends and coworkers often, but everyone seems to be surprised when I tell them the Army is thinking about coming here (unlike Amazon or Apple, which everybody knows). …and… well, remember when people found out about Google and their partnership with the DoD earlier this year?

EDIT: clarified that I’m talking about the Triangle, not NC as a whole. Of course places like Fayetteville would be used to being around the defense industry; I was thinking on a more local level.


Update: apparently, we lost.

From the N&O:
The headquarters […] will instead go to Austin, Texas, Bloomberg News reported on Twitter, citing a “person familiar with the decision.” Two Congressional sources, who also were aware of the decision, also said Raleigh had missed out.

This is the tweet.

Anthony Capaccio (@ACapaccio):
Bloomberg’s [congressional correspondent Roxana Tiron] breaks: U.S. Army selected Austin, Texas, as the home of its new Futures Command, according to a person familiar with the decision.

Welp. It was good while it lasted, y’all.


Raleigh, Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride. Bummer Raleigh wasn’t picked. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for either Apple or Amazon headquarters to select our great area!!


Yep, pretty much. The same will happen with Amazon and everyone can stop worrying our quaint little city will change too much.

I’m more curious why the done deal of Apple hasn’t produced any announcement. Starting to think that was overblown hype, too.


This is disappointing news especially knowing Raleigh yet again lost out to one of our biggest rivals. While visiting Austin a few weeks back I couldn’t help but let my mind reflect on the old Charles Dicken’s classic with my escort being the Ghost of Raleigh’s Future. I was shown vast sprawl, stifling congestion, a weak mass transit system, gentrification spreading like a weed, abject homelessness, a unique and funky edge giving way to the power of money and influence, and Bird scooters parked inconsiderately on many sidewalks. More than a few locals confessed to me that the best time to live in Austin was about 15 years ago. It seems this town is becoming a victim of its own success.

I was in Austin for only a few days so who am I to judge? Be that as it may, my impression of Austin’s present, however skewed, is not the future I hope for Raleigh. This loss of the Futures Command is sizable in my view because this project wasn’t so likely to encourage hyper-growth as Amazon surely will. We need time to adapt and plan for Raleigh to grow in the best possible way. Darn it, the Future Command was just the right size to foster a healthy trajectory! I won’t be so dejected should we lose Amazon. Apple I can live with.


Stinks about the Army. What I’m really worried about is Apple…that was supposed to be a done deal last month and now we’re halfway through July, and still no word. I wonder if they’re wrapping up some fine print stuff or if Apple is really having cold feet (and with our legislature, I wouldn’t particularly blame them).