AT&T Building on McDowell

Could be worse meaning showing up in skyline shots. Like in Kansas City where the building proves pretty prominent in their most popular skyline shot.

But yeah, the shorter the better.

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They just completed a mural on the windows of the building that’s getting demolished for the Nash Square hotel. Kinda disappointing, I was hoping the hotel would start sooner than later, but it looks better than before. The city is calling it “artivation” with seven artists painting vacant store fronts with the main focus being Martin St.


Sorry I missed it at first, was looking at the really nice redo of train station in foreground.

Cool picture, thank you!
I have to say, that I really didn’t notice it until I saw your arrow. I find it interesting that the white/pink “Union Style” building up front looks like Raleigh’s AT&T building painted…lol

Here’s a story from Chattanooga in 2016 where a “nationally renowned” artist put a mural on their AT&T building:

And that same artist painted another AT&T building in Shreveport, LA back in 2001:


They could do something like this in Columbia, SC


“Hello friend”

Instantly recognize that Verizon building.

The Verizon building was under rehab last time I was in NYC. Here’s a pic of the final product, from google.


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Would be better (imo) if they took the glass all the way down and then did a mural on the “chimney/Verizon”…:rainbow:

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wonder how many (can not think is good term that will not get me in trouble - lol) drivers have tried to drive through it !!!.

I would love to see such things in Raleigh. Guess closest one is shimmer wall on convention center, other than a few small ones.

The one in Kansas City looks like an old prison. At least the one in NYC has a sculptural quality to it.

The Verizon building in NYC is proof that these telecom buildings don’t have to be single-use. If, like I suspect, this building is built like a fort, with the ability to support floor to ceiling, wall-to-wall, heavy gauge metal, vacuum tube era switching equipment, there is probably quite a lot of spare structural capacity to add some floors of steel framed office or residential above. Let us hope for that outcome.


We can build a tower above it and keep the at&t as ground retail

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